Using Pop Up Display Stands at Shows

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You cannot hope to promote your business effectively without networking. A very good form of networking is to participate in commercial events and trade shows. You can attract maximum consumer attention and can send across a clear compelling message to your customers by properly using trade exhibit displays.
There are a variety of display options such as banners, table tops, cut outs, pop ups and panels. Pop up display stands are a very popular option for use at trade shows.

5 reasons to use pop up Display stands

1. The graphic designs on pop up display stands can be easily changed or the banners can be fitted to change the look of the display stand. When you are in business, you will find that you will need a variety of content for different occasions. For example, if you are in the apparel business, launching your new clothes line will require a different kind of pop up display than the kind required for supporting a fashion show.

2. When you are participating in an outdoor event or a trade show, you will be on the lookout for materials that can be easily transported. Obviously, you will not want your advertising medium to be bulky and full of technicalities. Pop up display stands are your answer to all these problems as they are light weight and can be easily dismantled and transported.

3. When you have to set up the display stand, all you have to do is to follow the simple manual provided with the stand. You can have your display ready in 10 minutes. You will not require external help like contractors for constructing your booth. This way, you can save a lot of time and money.

4. Pop up stands are hardy and durable creations that you can combine together to form an island, booth, display circle or a variety of other designs. They are far more durable than banners and can be reused time and again.

5. Using a pop up display stand at a show gives the participant a lot of options to choose from in terms of height, colour, design, shape and even dimension.

Tips for smart and effective use of Pop Ups

Use your pop up stands at strategic locations where you can benefit from maximum consumer visibility. You should always aim to get across your business message to the maximum number of people possible.
Use bold striking prints that can catch the eye and hold attention. Use colour schemes that can attract attention even from a distance. You can go for pop ups with a lot of height or you could supplement your pop up display stands with overhead banners.

Always follow the instructions provided in the manual that comes along with the pop up kit. Pop ups display stands -
- are generally very durable but mishandling can probably damage them. Take along a few staff members to the show you are participating in and ask them to help you out in setting up your booth.

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