How to Find the Best Paid Survey Directories on the Internet

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Did you know that if there were no scam paid survey sites, there would be no need for paid survey site directories? A good paid survey directory site will only list honest and decent survey sites.
So how do you go about finding the best paid survey directories on the Internet? First you need to take a good look at the actual paid survey directory website.
Does it have non working links, cheap HTML, no contact or support details, exaggerated claims of fortunes to be made, or misspellings? Stay away from the survey directory site, if any of these things apply.
Another good indicator in finding a good survey directory site is to see whether it has an affiliate program.
An affiliate program on a paid survey directory site shows, that the directory in question, is planning to stick around for the long term.
When you look into investing in a paid survey directory, take a look at how many paid survey sites that it lists.
The more paid survey sites that are listed, the better, as one of the best strategies in making money from paid surveys, is to sign up to as many good ones as possible.
Now, sometimes you may find that the directory site may not specify how many sites the directory lists.
This gives you a good opportunity to email the site and ask the question, and see if you get a good real human response.
Another way to assure yourself that the site is legitimate.
A good way to see if the survey directory site in question is legitimate is to Google the name of the survey directory site in question, in quotation marks, with the word review after it.
Lastly, your ultimate aim is to find a directory that lists cash surveys, that way you can make sure you don't sign up for surveys, which list survey sites offering points and other non monetary rewards.

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