How to Get MLM Leads

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    • 1). Select if you want to run your MLM business by cold calling potential customers or by getting people to call you from ads.

    • 2). Search online for brokers that sell MLM leads. Go to the bookstore or grocery store and look for list brokers that sell MLM leads.

    • 3). Contact some of these lead sources. Ask the list broker how old the names are, as the best leads are those that are no more than 30 days old. Consider that newer leads are more likely to be accurate, since people sometimes move or change phone numbers. Realize that that the excitement level from newer leads is usually greater, too, as these people probably responded to a home business ad from the list broker. Buy some leads from 60 to 90 days old at a discount. Purchase phone, mail or e-mail MLM leads based on how you plan to market your MLM business.

    • 4). Set up a second business line or purchase an 800 line. Record a two-minute greeting on the business or 800 line, touting the benefits of joining your MLM business opportunity. Include this business or 800 line in all of your advertising.

    • 5). Create a website for your MLM business, or hire a web designer to create a website for you. Consider using the website that the MLM company furnishes you. Create a landing page for your website. Arrange the landing page so potential customers leave their names, addresses and phone numbers.

    • 6). Search online for a person who is experienced in search engine optimization. Have this individual optimize your landing page so you can achieve a high ranking on top search engine listings, such as, and

    • 7). Order some postcards or make your own. Place all mailing lists leads on these postcards and mail them out. Call these prospects back when they leave a message, because individuals who call from your postcards and advertising are your best MLM leads.

    • 8). Place a classified ad in a small suburban newspaper, suggests the article "How to Get MLM Leads" at, an online marketing resource site. Use your business or 800 line in the ad. Call people back as soon as possible after they leave a message.

    • 9). Develop a script for cold calling phone leads. Search online for some available MLM scripts. Work on qualifying these leads or determining if people can afford the business.


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