How to Rank in Google

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What is the point of making a website if nobody ever finds it? If you put the time and effort into making a site you want people to read it.
More importantly you want the right kind of traffic to your site.
You most likely don't want people from social networks like Digg or twitter to visit your site everyday and never buy anything from it.
Social marketing is worthless if you are trying to make money online.
Those people love to read and don't buy.
So where do you want your traffic to come from? You want the people using search engines such as Google or yahoo to find your page.
These people are searching for something for a reason, because they want to find that specific thing.
So how do you rank your site in Google? Well Google uses an algorithm to rank sites and a huge part of that equation is how relevant your site is to the name of the site but more importantly it's the words that people use to link to your site.
So if someone links to your site by saying so and so's site is great "click here" to see it, they are not helping your site rank for anything expect the words "click here".
You need to make sure your links that people use contain words associated with your site.
Only then will you rank in Google for anything related to your site.
If your site is on toilet paper make sure all the sites that link to you use toilet paper or things related to it for the click-able link and not "click here".

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