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YOUR ORDERS is basically two websites in one. The website is for supplier and for the clients of these suppliers. Once you login you will go to the designated home web page. Suppliers take the client details and attach the client details to their account. If the client is not registered then a password and username is generated for the client. Once these details are confirmed then the client will be able to buy products from their chosen supplier and the supplier gets notified of the orders by E-mail or from their home page. Suppliers can print off invoices and the paperwork that relates to the order or add this information to spreadsheets and other data.


Both clients and suppliers can add orders to accounts quickly and easily from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The client's orders will list previous orders so they can add products with ease. Recent ordered items are displayed and stored on the site. Suppliers can easily add a product to an order when they are on the phone or when a client leaves a message on voicemail.


Orders use a SSL Certificate so the orders are protected as well as price lists and other information. Only your selected clients can see the price data from their list. For added security a confidentiality agreement is included with the terms and conditions.

Easy to Use

YOUR ODERS is as easy as using Google or Facebook. You do not need any special training to use it. With the first use you will be comfortable with the system. And be able to use the full functionality of the site. There is a help centre if you run into problems so you will be covered.

Price Management

There are multiple ways to change the price of products. Companies use different ways to change prices so they system has its own price management function. Changing product prices is easy and you can import price lists to use.


There are three types of promotion you can use with the software. You can use data based promotions where the seller can pick two dates when promotions are available. There are promotions based upon the availability of a product. This gives clients the ability to buy only certain quantities. There is promotion for buy one and get one free or any other combination of these types of offers.

Stock Control

You have full control over stock with a stock management system. You can use your own spreadsheets through import and export. You can access stock from an iPad or other device as well. There is also ability to setup out of stock so you can notify a client when an item is not available.

Account Setup

It is easy to setup an account and clients can easily access their own websites. Accounts can be setup in mere minutes and only requires a few questions to be answered. Suppliers can add VAT rate and other information. You can work with both the UK and the Republic of Ireland so you will be able to set the applicable rate of VAT on a product by country. There is an installation wizard that makes this process very easy.

Connect to Website

You can have a shopping cart setup at your website. Customers will be able to buy products from you even if they do not have a customer account. You can add an e-commerce page to your website with a secure widget.

Communication Client/Supplier

There is a mail box facility so you can leave a message for you client or supplier at any time. Messages can be attached to orders so you can communicate back and forth.

No Download, No Updates

The system uses cloud computing technology so you do not need to install any software on your system. You can get YOUR ORDERS on any computer and you can use the system at home if it is required.

Smartphones and Tablets

There are applets available for smartphones and tablets and you can get the apps from your app provider.


The system can use two currencies right now which are Sterling and the Euro. The supplier can pick the currency that they wish and have products displayed with his currency.

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