How to Change a Ford Fuel Pump

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    • 1). Open the hood on your Ford and support it with the prop rod if the hood doesn't have support struts or a spring-hinge. Remove the negative cable end from the battery post with the battery wrench.

    • 2). Chock the right-front wheel with both wheel chocks to prevent the Ford from rolling. Lift the rear end with the floor jack and support it on two jack stands set underneath the rear body rail jack points.

    • 3). Reposition the floor jack so the jack head rests against the center of the fuel tank. Unbolt the two fuel tank retaining bands with the socket set. Lower the retaining bands down and out of the way by hand.

    • 4). Lower the Ford's fuel tank several inches so you can reach between it and the Ford and disconnect the fuel lines and fuel pump wiring harness by hand. Lower the tank the rest of the way and roll it out from underneath the Ford with the jack.

    • 5). Move the tank off the jack and onto a clean, level surface. Wrap your rag around the tip of the screwdriver and place the screwdriver tip against the upper lip of the fuel pump retaining ring. Tap the handle of the screwdriver with the rubber mallet to rotate the fuel pump retaining ring counterclockwise until it comes loose.

    • 6). Lift the old fuel pump out of the Ford's fuel tank by hand. Lower the new pump into the tank to replace it. Make sure when you lower the new fuel pump into place that the fuel level float swings into the open area of the tank and doesn't hit the tank sidewall.

    • 7). Set the Ford fuel tank back on the floor jack by hand. Roll the tank underneath the Ford with the jack. Lift the tank high enough to allow you space to reconnect the fuel lines and fuel pump wiring harness.

    • 8). Lift the fuel pump retaining straps back into place by hand. Bolt them in with the socket set. Lower the rear of the Ford to the ground with the floor jack.

    • 9). Reconnect the Ford's battery cable with the battery wrench. Move the wheel chocks away from the front wheel.

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      Turn the Ford's ignition to the run position for ten seconds. Shut it off and then back on for ten more seconds before starting the Ford.


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