Additional Sources of Income for Web Designers

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The rise in demand of web design has results in a number of website designers offering services.
The competition among the web designers is now neck and neck.
Besides quality and punctuality, it is the additional services that can make a difference between you and other web designers.
Some of the prominent additional services that you can offer and generate extra income are as follows.
- SEO and Marketing After the web design is completed there is need for visitors to click, visit and finally buy what is being offered through the website.
The primary purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to maximize the traffic and number of visitors to any website.
After the work of web designing is completed and the website is hosted on the internet, its marketing and SEO actions are needed.
Most of the clients hiring your web design services will need these services sooner or later.
Since you have already been contracted for the web design work, try offering the SEO and marketing services at a discounted price included in the package.
You can offer or arrange for services related writing of press releases, blogs, ppc campaigns, and marketing through social networking websites.
- Offering print design services Most of the businesses have a regular need of business cards, brochures and other stationary that is related to the print.
If you can offer these services or arrange for them at a competitive rate then it is going to strengthen you professional relations with the company and at the same time generate extra revenue for you.
- Designing the Logo There are some companies that need a logo when they are getting the website designers.
There could be a few that may not have even thought about having a logo.
As a website designer you can have a chance about pitching Logo design services to your clients.
There could be some companies that need updating or changes in the logo.
It is always better to clarify with the client whether the logo design charges are included in or excluded from the package.
If excluded the prices should be mentioned clearly so that there is no misunderstanding later on.
- Maintenance Every website sooner or later needs maintenance especially with reference to content.
Even if you offer content management system along with the website design, there are clients that would be ready to pay extra money and get it done by you.
On the other hand new clients are hard to come around.
Call on your old clients and make them aware that you are offering maintenance services too.
You have already had professional relationship with them and this is going to make them feel more comfortable.
Your client does not have to waste time searching for a service provider and you earn some extra money.
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