How to Check the Transmission Fluid on a 2010 Altima

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    • 1). Drive the Altima until it reaches operating temperature --- about halfway up the temperature gauge. Park the Altima on a level surface. Hold the brake pedal and shift the gear shifter through every gear. Place the gear shifter back in park.

    • 2). Open the Altima's hood and locate the transmission dipstick cap --- the black cap on the right of the engine that reads "Caution" in red.

    • 3). Insert a small flat-head screwdriver under the L-shaped tab on the front of the transmission dipstick cap. Press the screwdriver upward to disengage the lock on the underside of the dipstick cap. Pull the dipstick upward and out of the transmission dipstick tube.

    • 4). Wipe the dipstick off with a clean, lint-free cloth. Reinsert the dipstick into the tube with the L-shaped tab positioned 180 degrees from where it originally was. Press the dipstick into the tube until it stops moving.

    • 5). Pull the dipstick out, and check that the level is between the "Min" and "Max" lines near the bottom of the dipstick. Add Nissan CVT NS-2 transmission fluid through the dipstick tube, if needed. Reinsert the dipstick into the dipstick tube in its original position to lock it in place.

    • 6). Close the Altima's hood and turn the engine off.


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