Transition Of Content Writers Into Seo Copywriters

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Content writing has been into existence ever since companies and individuals started realizing the benefits of having a web presence. A well written and informative website is as important as selling a range of high quality products, thus a new breed of writers started evolving known as content writers. These writers had a different writing style than conventional writers in the sense that they had to develop content while keeping in mind the reading pattern of internet surfers, who scan the online content for relevant information, rather than reading through the whole matter. Thus content had to be designed while keeping relevant information at appropriate places.

The transition phase of content writing into SEO copywriters came after the dotcom bubble burst. It was at this time when companies realized that just having a website is not going to of much help unless it is visible to the target audience, thus started the evolution of SEO copywriting. The basic theme of this process is to develop a well written and informative content, along with the right keywords placed at the appropriate places. This ensures that the content is informative as well as search engine friendly.

SEO copywriting is said to be the combination of an art as well a science. It is an art because it involves writing relevant content with the right keywords at the appropriate places, and it is a science because a SEO copywriter needs to be aware of the working of search engines like google, and the algorithmic pattern used by them. Thus the main point of difference between a conventional content writer and an SEO copywriter is that an SEO copywriter has to have knowledge of how to use the relevant keywords and the most appropriate place, in the content, to use those keywords.

The basic components in the process of SEO copywriting are keyword research, keyword placement and keyword density. Keyword research is a process of determining the most appropriate keywords that could be used in the content. Keyword placement refers to the placing of keywords at the relevant places in the content and keyword density is the frequency of occurrence of keywords in the content.

The additional benefit derived from SEO copywriting, as compared to conventional content writing that the content becomes search engine friendly along with being informative. This improves the visibility of that content on the internet, thus improving the chances that it will be seen before the website of a competing company. The benefits of SEO copywriting are not limited to any particular company or industry, but can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who wants to have an effective web presence.

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