Web Site Content Makes Great SEO

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What's the one true key to SEO success? Web site content is the answer to how well your site will be listing in all the major engines.
You can have great keywords in your meta tags and have lots of back links pointing to your web site but if the content on your web site is lacking the search terms you hope to list in the engines with, than it's all been a waste of time.
Go to Google and search for "web design orlando" for example.
In the free listings right below the sponsored results, you will see the relevant ads related to your search term.
Next to the web site url you will see a link titled cached.
Click on it and you will see the pager as it was last crawled by Google.
On the page, you will notice that the search term you were looking for is highlighted as many times as it appears in the page.
You must have relevant keyword content in the meta tag "title" and "description" tags as well as in the page.
This will give your site the keyword relevance you have been trying to achieve.
Go back to the search results page and look at all the titles in the ad listings.
They all have the keywords spread through out.
Having them in the title, description, and page content will make the content more relevant when being indexed by the search engine spiders.
Try many different key word phrases.
You will see the same results over and over again.
Search Yahoo and MSN and look at the cached results also.
They have similar indexing characteristics.
Take notes and see how it is done.
You may be surprised how easy it is to get listed in the searches.

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