How to Edit Photos With Glitter

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    • 1). Click "Start," "Internet Explorer" and navigate to the Glitterphoto website. On the lilac line beneath the logo, click "Upload your photo" if you wish to import an image from your computer. Select the file you want and click "Open." Or type in the address of the image and click "Use URL" if you wish to upload image from a website.

    • 2). Select "Resize" to change dimensions of your image. A navigator will appear in the left corner of the screen beneath the turquoise line. It shows width, height, file size in KBs, and has a slider for easy navigation. Hold the left mouse button and drag the slider left and right to get the desired size. Click on the "Resize" button to save changes.

    • 3). Click "Crop" to crop your image. When the navigator appears, left click on the picture and drag the cursor to select crop region. Release the mouse to get the selection. Resize the picture by clicking and dragging the margins, and click "Apply" to crop the image.

    • 4). Click "Rotate" to rotate or flip your image. Under the rotate option, click on the "Left" or "Right" button to rotate the image 90 degrees to left or right. Under the flip option, click on the "Vertical" or "Horizontal" button to flip the image 90 degrees vertically or horizontally.

    • 5). Click "Glitter Text" to add a glittering text. Enter the text and choose color, font, text size and angle, glitter, shade and border in the navigator. Click on the "Preview" button. Drag and drop the text to desired position. Click the "Add Glitter Text" button.

    • 6). Click "Glitter Background" to add an animated background. Select desired background in the navigator and click "Apply."

    • 7). Click "Bubble Captions" to add "speaking" or "Thinking" bubble. Select the bubble type in the navigator. Enter text, choose font, text color and size and click "Apply."

    • 8). Click "Glitter Stamps" to add a stamp to your image. Click on the spot where you wish to place the stamp. Click on the "Apply" button.

    • 9). Click on the "Save" button to download image, email it, save it online, save to PhotoBucket, or save to Facebook. Select an option in the navigator and click on that button to perform the action.


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