Genetic Counseling Graduate Schools

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    • You can pursue a graduate degree in genetic counseling.dna image by Allyson Ricketts from

      Genetic counseling refers to the application of biological principles to provide clients and patients with individualized information on genetic disorders and associated risks. Several schools in the United States currently provide training in genetic counseling at the graduate level. Applicants typically require a baccalaureate degree in a related field, such as biology, health science or biotechnology.

    Boston University

    • Boston University offers a Master of Science degree with a major in genetic counseling. This two-year program consists of training in embryology, teratology, prenatal genetics, counseling techniques, ethico-legal issues, genetic diagnosis, clinical genetics, biostatistics, laboratory methods, cancer genetics, human growth and development, metabolic genetics, professional issues and risk assessment. Students complete clinical rotations in various professional settings within the surrounding area. This program culminates in a capstone project comprised of a case study, literature review or research project.

      Boston University

      One Silber Way

      Boston, MA 02215


    Case Western Reserve University

    • Case Western Reserve University provides a two-year Master of Science degree in genetics with a specialization in genetic counseling. This program combines theoretical instruction with laboratory practice, research and clinical training. Course requirements include cytogenetics, clinical genetics, molecular and quantitative genetics, biochemical genetics, embryology, psychosocial issues, health research, cancer genetics, prenatal diagnostics, family systems and ethical issues. A literature-based, laboratory-based or counseling-related thesis project is also required.

      Case Western Reserve University

      10900 Euclid Avenue

      Cleveland, OH 44106


    Northwestern University

    • The Center for Genetic Medicine at Northwestern University offers a two-year graduate program in genetic counseling. Students receive extensive training in a range of aspects within classical, medical, biochemical and molecular genetics, including dysmorpology, cancer, adult genetics, risk assessment, epidemiology, statistics and research methods. Coursework in communication skills, ethics, and psychosocial issues within counseling are also required. Students perform clinical rotations at 25 different sites within the surrounding area.

      Northwestern University

      303 E. Superior Street

      Chicago, IL 60611


    University of Pittsburgh

    • The Department of Human Genetics at the University of Pittsburgh provides a two-year training program that combines scientific instruction in human genetics with clinical experience and understanding of the psychosocial aspects of counseling. Course topics include chromosomes and human disease, inherited diseases, ethics, epidemiology, statistical research methods, population genetics, environmental health, risk calculation and embryology. In the final year, students complete several internship courses in a professional clinical setting.

      University of Pittsburgh

      Department of Human Genetics

      Pittsburgh, PA 15260



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