Advansys Creates Ecommerce Web Design for Increased Usability

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Poor usability has thankfully not killed ecommerce - though the closure and downscaling of many ecommerce websites has triggered the debate and study of how usability affects the performance of ecommerce websites. Let us begin by discussing how much impact usability really has on revenue. The fact remains that if you're potential cannot buy through your online store - then you do not make money. So what are the challenges that result in potential sales being lost?  Ecommerce websites can lose almost half of their potential sales when users find they cannot easily use their sites. Studies show that international sales have also been affected adversely due to poor usability - which is the direct result of poor web design and website development solutions.

However it is perfectly possible for ecommerce websites to improve usability and thus increase sales. With just a few crucial changes, ecommerce websites can increase their potential for sales through improved and enhanced usability. The first rule of thumb for effective usability is not forgetting the realities of web design: ensuring that usability guidelines are complied with and that investment is always in line with increased earnings. Ecommerce solutions that are really going to succeed must be more user-friendly. A complicated interface will result in the loss of potential customers. Building ecommerce solutions that function like a catalogue, but that also support online transactions and point of sale functionality, requires both specialist knowledge and a sales perspective throughout the design process.

There are five easy steps that can be adopted to improve the website's usability:
  1. Instigating ecommerceapplications, such as ‘add to basket' buttons, multiple images of products, and up-selling techniques such as related product displays.
  2. A secure, transparent and easy to use online transaction system can go a long way to ensure that a sale is completed, and reduce the number of shopping carts abandoned through the point of sale funnel.
  3. Ease of navigation also plays a huge role in preventing customers getting frustrated and leaving the ecommerce website when they can't immediately find what they are looking for.
  4. Adopting a simple visual style that clearly lays out where to find products within the site is an important aspect of ecommercewebsite development.
  5. Security: ensuring that the website is PCI Compliant to protect customers, and to ensure that all major payment providers will allow transactions through the site.

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