Become The Expert In Your Niche

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Ready To Finally Claim Your Spot As An Expert? We all know that it's important to be considered as an expert at what we do.
Experts are respected.
Experts get paid more money in their fields.
Experts get attention from the media.
With all of these new reality shows, people are looking more than ever for "experts".
Experts can get clients and customers to pay more without putting up much of a fight.
Experts can market their businesses easier because they can build trust faster with prospects.
There is a perceived trust level for someone who is an expert.
Yet what do I see over and over with my private clients? The fear that they are not an expert at what they do.
The fear that they will be found out! That they will be seen as an amateur.
These are my clients and there are many others out there just like them that are afraid to take their businesses to the next level - whatever level that may be.
Unfortunately it is the self-destructive attitude of many entrepreneurs -- and I know that it will be their undoing if I don't do something to change their thinking.
While they are waiting to earn another degree or certification in their field, an acknowledgment from a more successful business owner, a sign from somewhere that they are on the right track -- their competitors -- and YOUR competitors are already stepping up and taking the resident expert spot in your niche.
You cannot afford to flounder your time away waiting for just the right thing to make you feel as if you've finally arrived.
No, you are here already - at the big dance - and it's about that time you claim the floor.
You must not wait on others to validate you - you must validate yourself by appointing yourself the expert in your niche AND running your business as that expert.
Still struggling? Think about this: 1.
Why did you pick the niche you did? You didn't just toss around topics in a hat did you? You were drawn to your niche for a reason.
More than likely because you know a lot more about it than the average person.
Widen your circle.
More than likely you are only dealing with people who know what you do and may even do what you do.
That's why you feel like you don't know anymore then the average person.
But widen your circle and you'll find that people know a great deal LESS than you thought.
It's easy for me to think that everyone knows what article marketing or ePublishing is.
Truth is, most people don't.
In my circle of friends and family, I am considered THE resident expert on these topics and there are many more people just like them out there in every niche.
Who do you follow on the web or in your niche? Do you consider them experts and if you do, what is it about them that makes you think that? There are many trust builders that give people the perception that someone is an expert.
For example, testimonials.
Testimonials or success stories give people the social proof that you are an expert and that you know what you are talking about.
Conclusion -- I think that positioning yourself as an expert from the beginning is one of the most important things you can do to propel your success.
A lot of this stems from a lack of self esteem and confidence you may have as an entrepreneur, but I assure you this comes from a place of fear - not reality.
Claim your position as the go to expert today!

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