The Big Internet Marketing Secret - Why Website Owners Want to Give You Traffic Right Now

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If I told you that website owners in your market were desperate to give you traffic, would you believe me? In this article I want to show you why this is the case and how you can find these site owners who literally are begging people to take their traffic! The Online Car Crash In Your Market: You have to realize that in most markets there is a perpetual online car crash.
What that means is this - people are constantly starting new websites and thinking they will get rich in the process.
What happens is they start to realize that it is a lot harder then they expected & quit! But they leave their website up & over the years it gets more and more traffic everyday.
Here Is How You Can Take The Cake...
So what they do is put AdSense ads on their site and only make $2 or $3 a day.
So when you come along and offer the $100 for a big ad on the top of their site - most of them think they hit the jackpot.
So as long as you can get the traffic to click your ad & buy from you - you have a little traffic goldmine on your hands.
The cool thing is - the website owners love this as they are making money for doing nothing & you make good money from the visitors who come to your site.
The key to this is to do it again and again.
Keep doing it over and over so you can get more and more sites to run your ads and that way you can give yourself a pay raise every month.
Be Careful: Other site owners in your market are starting to catch on to this so make sure you do it right away before your competition takes all the cheap sites.

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