Three Alternatives to WordPress For Developing a Personal Online Presence

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For many marketers now, the default content management system of choice seems to be WordPress.
There are many reasons for this and WordPress may well be the right choice for you.
The software is completely free and presented as open source software, which means that you can modify it to meet your needs.
The sheer number of users and developers mean that most bugs for WordPress are quickly fixed, meaning that you're unlikely to be leaving many security holes in your money sites.
Plus, the large community aspect means that there are always people available to help with problems.
But, sometimes it can be worth considering alternatives.
In this article I present three other ways that you can develop an online presence so that you can consider if any of these are right for you.
The first option to consider is Joomla.
Like WordPress, Joomla is a content management system.
Like WordPress, Joomla is also open source and is well used, so there is support available.
The main difference to WordPress is that Joomla is designed more to run web sites rather than blogs.
So, this gives you a much greater flexibility as to how you lay your site out, which may be more suitable for your needs.
So, if you're looking for something more than a blogging platform, consider Joomla instead.
If you're into a photo rich experience, you might consider another open source solution, Coppermine.
Coppermine is an online gallery software designed for showing large amounts of images.
You can add text as well, but images are the main part of this solution.
So, this is ideal for running a gallery type of system, or displaying a portfolio is you are a photographer.
Coppermine has plenty of plugins available, which is excellent if you're looking to extend it to do other things.
The third option I want to be present to you is a solution for selling products online, again integrated within an overall web site.
That solution is osCommerce.
This software allows you to use your site as an ecommerce solution and to sell physical products.
You set up a database of the different items that you wish to sell and customers can purchase them through a shopping cart interface.
This can be useful if you are looking to get into the ecommerce worlds.
Never just assume that WordPress is best for you, even though the software has many advantages.
Look into other solutions both commercial and open source.
Of those Joomla, Coppermine and osCommerce all come highly respected for their different purposes.
Consider if any or all of these are right for you.

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