Are Your Pop-Up Ads Costing You Money?

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The first thing we need to do is admit that one of the primary reasons that pop-up ads are so popular is because they do work.
However, how you have your pop-up ads displayed may very well be costing you a lot of money? How you ask? People only see your ad displays when they are leaving your site right? Or do they? How you set up and display pop-up ads on your site may very well be costing you lots more than you thought possible.
Please, allow me to explain this to you.
Many people, especially among busy entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers only check their email infrequently.
Some people even have set schedules and will do this only during certain times of their working day.
So how does that impact your sales or your website setup one way or the other? The fact is, these are the very people you are probably targeting and at the same time, setting up your pop-up ads improperly is driving these people off of your website without your ads ever being displayed at all, much less followed through with.
What are these people doing as they open all of those emails at once? What do you do when you have a limited amount of time to go through your email and look at the latest and greatest offerings? If you are like many people, you maximize your mail program and open your email offers one at a time, clicking on whatever links look interesting enough to investigate further.
There is real money to be made with many email campaigns so you may have quite a few offers to check out.
In fact, you may be opening as many as ten or twenty web pages on some occasions but even if you open only two, you will need to pay attention here.
Switching back and forth between your email and your web browser is time consuming.
Therefore, many Internet Marketers and affiliates will open numerous websites all at once and go through to look at all of the websites, sales pages and affiliate offerings after they are finished reading their email.
Now when they do visit those websites, they have to close the one they looked at before they are redirected to your sales letter.
If you have a trigger to open your popup window, this could be costing you a substantial number of sales! How do I know this is true? I have been a victim of this many times and I know that for me personally, it is not worth digging through my deleted mail just to find your offer no matter how great it may have been.
Why? Because I never even got to see your headlines, much less see enough of your offer to decide whether or not to buy your product.
Go ahead and tell me that you never have more than one browser window open at a time and I will readily admit that this is not a problem for you but it just may be an issue with visitors who are coming to see your sales page.
When they have to close another window in order to get to your page, they are moving their mouse back across the very same spot that they would normally be using to close your page as well.
Pop-up ads are a very important part of any sales page and can and should be used as one of the many tools in your Internet Marketing toolkit to increase your sales.
However, like any tool, it has to be used properly in order to be effective.
Check out your scripts that you are using to generate pop-up ads and you may be surprised at what you find.
Is your pop-up ad only popping up when your potential customers attempt to leave your sales page or are you running them off at the starting gate and losing visitors to your sales page before they ever see your offers? If your sales page merits testing and requires a little bit of adjustment, you may also want to consider testing more than just your sales letter.
Your pop-up ad displays could be costing you much more than just a little bit of money right now.
Your pop-up ads may be costing you customers that you will no longer have a chance to even add to your list, much less every make further sales to.
Use your pop-up ads to bounce website traffic back on to your sales page, not drive them off of it forever.

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