How to Take Off Interior Door Panels in a 1999 Escalade

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    • 1). Pry the inner door handle bezel out from behind the inner door handle carefully with the trim tool. Pry up the trim panel extension, located on the top-leading corner of the door panel, just behind the window frame pillar, using the trim tool.

    • 2). Pry the manual lock lever out of the door panel carefully with the trim tool. Pry the push-pin fastener, located on the leading edge of the panel, out with the trim tool.

    • 3). Pry the hex-head screw trim cover off the trailing edge of the door panel with the trim tool.

    • 4). Remove the hex-head screws located in the inner door lock lever recess, the opening just in front of the armrest and the trailing edge of the door panel, using a ratchet and 8 mm socket.

    • 5). Lift the door panel up with both hands until the top portion clears the base of the window frame. Reach behind the panel and disconnect the wiring harness for the power window and lock switches by hand. Disconnect the wiring harness to the courtesy light by hand.

    • 6). Move the panel away from the door by hand to finish the removal process.


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