How To Attract Birds And Butterflies To Your Yard

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You'll find that birds like yards that contain an abundance of trees and shrubs and if you can provide them with bird houses, bird feeders, and a bird bath then you'll be well on your way to having a large population of colorful song birds in your yard and garden.
Ideally you need a small pond with gradually sloping sides so the birds can get in and out of the water easily but you can use just a bird bath or two as long as you keep the water changed often.
I suggest changing the water at least three times a week to make sure the water stays really clean.
Some people will tell you not to put your bird feeders out in the summer months but I always do and my little feathered friends really seem to enjoy it.
I make sure to serve up a mixture of seeds that will attract all kinds of birds.
I also hang up suet feeders.
Hang your feeders up so they are four to six feet up in the air away from trees and shrubs so the birds will feel safer.
I have squirrel proof feeders as I have a huge squirrel population in this area.
I also like to attract colorful butterflies like Monarchs to my yard and I do this by planting lots of butterfly bushes around the yard in planters and I have several containers that I plant flowering milk weed in so the butterflies can lay their eggs on those plants and the larvae and caterpillars will eat the milk weed and eventually turn into more beautiful adult butterflies.
If you have the room place several large flat rocks around your garden for the butterflies to sun themselves on.
Butterflies need a place to rest and large flat rocks that will heat up in the sun will be perfect for this.
Provide a place for the adult butterflies to go puddling.
You do this by digging out a area about three foot around and four inches deep and you fill this area with a sandy mixture that you keep wet so the butterflies can drink water and also get important minerals out of the sandy soil.
If you can you need to use course sand and be sure to keep the sand wet.
You want to plant plants that are good sources of nectar for the butterflies in full sun.
You can do your own research to see what kind of plants you need to plant but you do need to include lots of butterfly bushes to attract the colorful winged creatures to your yard and garden.
I place an abundance of bird houses of several types around my yard and garden and I build my own.
I do this so I can install hinged bottoms so I can clean out all the old nests in the late fall so the houses will be ready in the spring and early summer for new feathered residents.
I love having birds and butterflies in my yard and garden and I bet you would to.
Be sure to check out my page about Monarch Butterflies and how you can help to save them by clicking the link below.

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