The First Step Toward Your Ideal Clients

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Can you think of anything much better than a good story? Stories are how we relate to and understand one another and there are so many great ones out there.
They stand the test of time, passed on from person to person, generation to generation.
They are made into books, poems, plays, movies, TV shows, urban legends, cave paintings...
you get the idea.
But the best stories ever told are the stories that you can personally relate to.
The ones that speak directly to your heart, that tap into your emotions, that allow you to really feel what is going on for the person in the story.
You know, the ones where you can see yourself in the story.
Where you are the hero or heroine, where you can see yourself as overcoming the challenges, struggles and obstacles to create the success, the healing, the transformation or the outcome you desire.
The same is true for everyone and sharing your story allows you an important opportunity to connect with the person you wish to serve, your ideal client, on a very personal and intimate level.
You see, your story is their story.
Your success is their future success.
They are where you were before you had your transformation, your healing, your success.
The challenges, struggles and obstacles that you overcame are the same ones they are facing now.
You hold the roadmap that will allow your ideal client to navigate to their desired destination.
But unless they can relate to you and understand that you can relate to them, they are less likely to see that you can actually help them.
Your Authentic Assignment We invite you to really take a look at your Great Story.
Write out the epic journey of your life.
Go exploring in your own transformation.
There are so many great nuggets in your story waiting to be discovered.
Next, distill your story down to a powerful connection and relationship-building tool.
Look at your story from your ideal client's perspective and see what parts of your story really relate to what is going on for them in their life right now, especially related to how you can help them with what they most urgently need.
Then begin to share your story.
Get it on your website, in your bio, in your introductory material...
everywhere, because a great story deserves to be shared!

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