Specs for a 454 Stroker Engine

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    • GM began manufacturing the 7.4-liter, 454 engine in 1970, using its previous 396 and 427ci engines as building platforms. It had a 4.25-inch bore -- the amount of space an engine has to enter a combustion chamber -- and a four-inch stroke -- the distance a piston must travel each direction when entering and exiting an engine's combustion chamber. It produced 500 foot-pounds of torque -- the amount of force required to move a vehicle forward -- and 390 horsepower.


    • Built for performance, the 454ci powered Chevrolet's Chevelle SS and Corvette models and was an optional upgrade in several GM trucks and larger cars. In racing applications, it could be modified to generate in excess of 750 horsepower, but the base-model 454ci was rated at 450 horsepower.


    • GM designed the LS7, although it never mass-produced it; however, a small number of dealers manufactured, then parted out its manifold for use as performance upgrades. It produced 465 horsepower and 490 foot-pounds of torque.


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