Online Video - Keeping Up With the Newest Wave in Media Marketing

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We are in the midst of a change in the way companies are looking to market their business ideas and products, as more people turn away from exposure to traditional advertising mediums and look to the internet for their informational and consumer purposes.
Businesses are beginning to understand that online marketing is essential at a time when it is difficult for companies to stand out from their competition, and the race is on in exploring new and creative ways to attract potential visitors and would be customers.
Companies are now realizing that online video is one of the most effective marketing resources available for reaching their customer, and that video production is now considered an essential tool for both large corporate and private businesses, as well as nonprofit and charitable organizations.
Simply put, online videos are the easiest and quickest way to educate potential customers on the products and services involved with a business.
Both corporate and online videos are used to bring life and added value to a marketing campaign, and serve as a way to deliver information quickly and simply to create an emotional pull that leads viewers to take action.
When a viewer can see and hear the benefits of a product or service in action, and witness positive results, they are more likely to relate to a business more than they would by just reading text.
Communicating a difficult product or new concept can be best served by providing a live product demonstration that can help get the message across in an interesting and informative way.
Video can also be enhanced by customer testimonials, which are significantly more effective when delivered through an individual on screen as opposed to a text format.
This type of medium is also a permanent fixture for the company, that upon completion is available "on demand" at anytime for the potential customer.
As more traditional advertising and marketing mediums such as direct mail, newspaper, and television have seen a decline in ad revenue and direct returns, businesses are turning their spending to online video and marketing vehicles.
A recent study conducted by comScore, a global leader in measuring digital marketing intelligence, found that exposure to online video advertising can lead to as much as a 40% increase in buying a product or service.
A similar study recognized by the Online Publishers Association and AdWeek found that over half of viewers who watch a marketing-oriented video will take some action, including 12% who will buy the product being offered.
Compare that to only .
5% to 2% of visitors to a "text only" web site who will purchase a product.
In addition to the value of conveying a company or organization's message to viewers in an interesting way, online videos are an invaluable tool in driving potential customers to a company's website, and keeping them there.
In an age where visual product is the norm when browsing online, studies reveal the effectiveness of video for creating "stickiness" to websites, keeping viewers on the site longer and prompting them to return more frequently.
It has been reported that 80% of Internet users watch video, moving to 88% by 2012.
ComScore reports that 73% of U.
Internet users watched an average of nearly three and a half hours of online video per month, with Americans viewing more than 10 billion videos online per month.
Videos are also a proven way to get all of the information you want to the viewer, as 65% of online surfers will view a video production to completion, compared to less than 20% of those who read "text only" sites to completion, according to Adweek.
And videos are easier to share and spread to larger groups on the web, as a reported 68% of people who watch online videos pass links for these videos onto their friends.
Public social and video sites such as YouTube and Facebook make it easier to broadcast your video message to a broader audience, and generate more buzz and interest for your company.
Video placed on these types of sites in addition to a homepage can increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a business website, placing it higher on search engine results lists.
Besides focusing on a business product or service, online videos can create a generally positive image for the company that appeals to the viewer.
Organizations worried about increasing awareness of their Corporate Social Responsibility can emphasize their good business practices, as well as broadcast public service and charitable events they are involved with throughout the year.
For Nonprofit and Charitable organizations, a video can provide visible results for a potential donor or recent donor who is interested in seeing where their contribution is going and who it is affecting, as most donors want to see results before they agree to give again.
This type of "results driven" exposure toward an ultimate goal for a nonprofit organization can keep nonprofit marketing campaigns fresh and always evolving.
As more people are spending more time on the internet than ever before, it is now up to businesses to claim their stake, and position themselves to be available to potential customers through online marketing.
With that in mind, there is no more efficient way to present business and consumer information to viewers than online video, which will stand as a cornerstone for a company when branding the way a business runs, as well as the products and services they are trying to sell.

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