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How to Create Web Photo Albums

Web photo albums are an easy way of sharing photos with friends and family all over the world. This is also a good way to have photos available for you to share from any computer you happen to be in front of with no need for lugging around photo albums. Using digital cameras eliminates several steps

How to Sew With Knitted Elastic

Using the proper techniques for the elastic in your sewing project can make the difference between a garment that holds its shape while remaining comfortable and having a garment fall apart during wear. Some types of elastic can be cut vertically, some can be sewn through, and some won't roll or bec

How To Create Raggedy Anne Doll Wigs

Ever wondered how people go about making Raggedy Ann costumes? Each October, hundreds, if not thousands of individuals turn up in neighborhoods and holiday parties across the U.S. dressed as their favorite little red head. ...

Free Simple Handmade Gifts

Create a homemade gift as a unique way to celebrate Christmas, birthdays or other holidays. You can create a variety of gifts from supplies at home or found at your local craft store. These crafts do not take a lot of time to complete and are unlike gifts you can find anywhere else.

Three Ways to Make an Electromagnet Stronger

An electromagnet is a current-induced magnet. The basic setup is an electrical current circulating around some magnetizable material, such as an iron rod. The current and number of times the current circulates around determine the magnetic strength. Therefore, the same things that strengthen a curre

Making a Tulle Skirt

A tulle skirt is notably known for its use in ballet tutus and wedding gowns. The tulle material is a netting, typically made out of nylon. Tulle comes in a variety of colors and in a loose or fine weave. The looser weave gives a skirt more body, while the fine tulle is softer to the touch. Generall

Scrapbook Birthday Gift Ideas

Remember that special someone's youth by using a baby picture as the cover of your scrapbook.Walter B. McKenzie/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesCreating a scrapbook is a wonderful way to show off memories or awards. You can use them to remember fun activities or important events or even use them to...

How to Make a Graduation Plaque Using an Invitation

Finding a unique graduation gift can be a daunting task, and it's even harder to find something that the grad will actually cherish for a lifetime. But you can make this keepsake easily and inexpensively, simply by preserving the graduation invitation and card that you received. The materials you'll

How to Make Bold Post Titles in a Thesis

"Thesis" is a theme used by the WordPress blogging platform to change the style and layout of your WordPress blog. Most changes to blog elements can be done by using the "Thesis Options" or "Design Options" pages included with the Thesis theme, but to change the post titles' CSS style, you'll need t

How to choose a leather briefcase

There are thousands of different type of leather briefcase available, so how do you choose? Of course, you should find one you like the look of, but there are other important considerations. Here are

How to Craft With Placemats

Crafting with placemats is an inexpensive way to decorate for birthday parties, bridal or baby showers and graduation celebrations. Plastic or vinyl placemats can be purchased inexpensively at dollar stores. With just a few added crafting materials and special items from your own collection, persona

Worthwhile Suggestions from Educational Theme Resources

If you work with children as a caregiver or teacher, educational theme resources are an excellent way to guide the learning process and help kids stay productively occupied throughout their time with

Crafts with Stamps

Postage stamps come in many different shapes, sizes and themes, some with colorful landscapes and picturesque items in nature and some with holiday scenes and seasonal portraits. These items can be used to create useful, decorative crafts with just a few other materials to make attractive gifts or f

Fun Arts & Crafts for Kids to Do at Home

Whether it is an inclement weather day or your kids just want to stay inside, be sure to have plenty of craft supplies ready for them to use. Kids of all ages can enjoy making arts and crafts. Children can keep these crafts for themselves or give them away as gifts. All you need is a few supplies to

Child's Teepee Sewing Instructions

Making a child's teepee that can fit indoors in a playroom or bedroom will give your child countless hours of playtime while stimulating his imagination and teaching him about history. After sewing and assembling the teepee, you can let your child help you decorate it to add to the educational exper

Loop Loom Potholder Directions

Loop looms are small square weaving looms that utilize stretchy loops of fabric instead of traditional weaving materials like yarn or thread. Loop looms provide new and experienced weavers alike with a tool for making potholders for the kitchen. Very young crafters and adults can enjoy loop looms fo

How to Make a Photo Gallery in Flash 8

Creating a photo gallery allows family and friends to view the pictures when and where they wish. For professional photographers, online photo galleries are an integral part of their business. Once the shoot is done, clients want to see proofs from the shoot as soon as possible. In addition, gall