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How to Check for Bankruptcy

Any time an individual files for bankruptcy, that bankruptcy becomes a part of the public record. As such, the case details of the bankruptcy are viewable by anyone who chooses to research it. In the past, if you wanted to review court documents, you needed to go to the courthouse in the county wh

automatic stay

The automatic stay goes into effect when you file bankruptcy and prevents creditors and collectors from trying to collect from you.

Effective Credit Card Game Strategies For the Sub Prime Loan Crisis Climate

Banks have reacted to the sub prime loan crisis by increasing balance transfer fees, offering significantly higher interest balance transfers, and using tricky, even deceptive wording and terms to try to trick credit card holders to get out of low interest promotional rate deals pre-maturely.While t

Prepaid Credit Cards for Kids

Pre-paid credit cards can teach teens how to spend card terminal image by Igor Zhorov from Fotolia.comWhen children reach a certain age where they start to display a growing need for independence, it may be the right time to help them learn important financial lessons. One...

How to Transfer Money to a Foreign Credit Card Account

These days, there are various ways of sending money to foreign credit card accounts. Thanks to the Internet, you can sit at home while you send and receive money to credit card accounts in any part of the world. According to, for the past few years PayPal has been one of the l

Experian Personal Credit Report - Phone and Address

Many consumers know that they have a credit score that is used to calculate what kind of car loan they are qualified to obtain. However, a great many also don't know that this figure is formulated from their credit history and is basically a composite number -- the average of all 3 credit repor

Avoid Late Fees With Prepaid Credit Cards

In today's society the modern consumer has more debt than income. A great way to help ease the pain of owing money is to cut out any unnecessary expenses from your budget. One of these expenses is credit card late fees. Here are 7 great ways to avoid credit card late fees.

How to Check My MasterCard Balance Online

Checking the balance of your MasterCard online is a simple, straightforward process that helps you to effectively manage your account. The process involves identifying the issuer of your MasterCard, creating a new user account and logging into the system. Regularly checking the balance on your Maste

What is Your Credit Score?

With the economic slump all over the world right now, you're probably seeing a lot of commercials on TV advertising free credit reports, complete with projections of a good credit score.But all of these advertisements can be confusing if you don't know what in the world they're talkin

Credit Card Transfers

Credit card transfers are a very common solution for reducing interest rate. Since it is a really simple and easy procedure there is really no reason not to use this opportunity, given that you find a balance credit card transfer program that offers you a lower interest rate than your current one.

How to Access Direct MBNA

MBNA is the largest credit card lender in Europe and offers personal and business credit cards. MBNA began issuing credit cards in the United Kingdom in 1993 and later became part of Bank of America in 2006. The credit card offers benefits such as money and balance transfers, cash withdrawal and tra

What Errors on My Credit Report?

80% of Americans have totally inaccurate credit reports.Many could have perfect credit but because of misguided reporting agencies, credit reports are often tarnished.It's really quite shocking what transpires between creditors and the credit bureaus.Don't fall victim to these unnecessary

Do You Understand Your Credit Card Contract?

When signing up for a credit card you are actually entering into a contract with the bank. That contract was drafted by a team of attorneys to protect the interests of their client, the bank. Have you ever read the contract and all the fine print?

Reliant Consumers Fuel Credit Card Fraud

New findings have shown the continued large presence of credit card fraud as consumers continue to rely on their credit cards. A large percentage of British consumers struggle with credit payments and rely on their cards for finance. A Post Office study found that 25 per cent are even more dependent

Air Miles Credit Card - A Great Way To Keep Flying

People who fly should have airline credit cards. Air miles credit cards give you points or miles, for each purchase you make with the card and the miles or points are redeemable for travel related expenses. You can use your points or miles for free airline tickets to destinations of your choosing. S

How Can You Investigate Credit Card Fraud?

If you suspect that you are a victim of credit card fraud you are, unfortunately, in good company. A 2008 Bankrate, Inc. poll revealed that 34 percent of Americans know someone who has been victimized by identity theft including credit card fraud. By taking the appropriate action you can avoid becom