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How to Clone a Hard Drive Using Acronis

Acronis True Image is one of several utilities that will take an exact image, or clone, of a computer's entire software configuration. Creating an image allows you to easily back up your entire computer. It also allows you to clone an existing software configuration onto a computer with an identical

Cgg News: Acer Aspire 1360 Laptop Battery Replacement

As we all know that a normal bettery lifetime of about 1.5 - 2 years, which comes with the laptop you bought. Your laptop battery is influenced by many factors, including age, environmental conditions and frequency of use. If the your laptop battery is losing its charge faster than it used to, the b

How to Make iPod Sync Automatic

iTunes doesn't just manage the music files you have stored on your computer, it also controls the files that are transferred to any iPod you connect to it. If you have a group of iTunes files that you are sure you want on your iPod every time it is updated, you can set up iTunes transfer these files

How to Attach Interior Cables on a PC

Whether you are building a new PC or installing a component into an existing machine, you'll often find yourself connecting cables inside the computer case. Every type of component in the case uses a specific type of cable for moving either power or data through the system. Many of the cables look a

How do I Use Linksys Wireless-G With Explorer 5.0?

The Linksys Wireless-G router broadcasts the signal from your broadband Internet service so it can be used with multiple devices. The Wireless-G transmits a signal through both a wired and wireless network. After your router is set up and connected, you can surf the Internet with the Internet Explo

Ways to Safeguard Your Laptop From Harmful Elements

Given the many advantages that possessing it can bestow an individual, laptop is now considered a necessity.. it?s an essential object in most people's studies, businesses and work undertakings. With the continuous demands of the ...

Used And Refurbished Computers - What To Look For?

Nowadays desktops and laptops are much more durable and dependable that they were just five years ago. Therefore, buying a used or refurbished computer is becoming more of a trend.Suppliers replace their computers on average every 6 months and companies frequently upgrade their equipment. Buying one

Hard Drive Facts and Information

Do you not know what a hard drive is? Did you not know how it works, or what are its uses? Know what is a hard drive and other related facts about it here.

How to Troubleshoot a Hipro HP-D3057F3R

The Hipro HP-D3057F3R is a 300-watt desktop power supply used in some Hewlett Packard computers. When the HP computer suddenly dies or experiences continual freezes for no apparent reason, you want to troubleshoot the power supply to make sure the correct voltage is reaching all the computer devices

How to Change My User Name on My PC

When Microsoft Windows is installed on a PC, it is automatically configured using a default administrator user account. The administrator of the computer has control over all the settings of the computer and may create additional user accounts that have limited access and rights to programs, files a

Buying a New Printer? Six Factors to Consider

Finding the right printer takes time-and you'll often have to look beyond the sticker price to figure out whether or not you're really getting the best deal. But a little research can go a long way, and in the end you'll find the time you spent is worth it.

Brother Printer CartridgesFor Printing With Precision

Printers help you take hard copies of all your important documents stored in your computer. They have gained importance among the home users as well as the workgroups. Owing to their popularity, printers are now manufactured by leading brands like Brother, Canon, HP, Dell, Lexmark and more.

How to Transfer Data to a USB Drive

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) was invented in the late 1990s and proliferated with version 2.0 in the 2000s. USB version 3.0 is the standard current as of publication date. USB is designed to allow easy connectivity to external devices, such as hard disk drives, to a computer system. USB ports on a

How to Update Network Adapters in Vista

Network adapters act as your computer's conduit to the outside world. The devices connect your solitary PC to computer networks. Without a network adapter, the computer couldn't communicate to your home network -- or the Internet. Like the creators of other hardware and software products, network ad

How to Refill HP Inkjet 632C Cartridges

If you print often, you may consider refilling your ink cartridges yourself instead of purchasing new cartridges as a less expensive alternative. The HP Inkjet 632C printer has two ink cartridges, one black (HP 20) and one that contains the three primary colors (HP 49): magenta, cyan and yellow. You

How to Give an Old Hard Drive a New Life

It's much less expensive to replace a hard drive that's overfilled than it is to buy a new computer with a bigger hard drive. And who doesn't want to save money? Now, what to do with the old hard drive once you've installed the bigger one in the old computer? Give it a new life as an external storag