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How to Repair Missing Windows Files for Free

Missing files on your Windows-based operating system can cause all types of trouble to your computer, including loss of functionality of specific operating system components, random errors, and random crashes. All of these can potentially undermine the security of the data stored on your hard drive,

Cheap Ways to Insulate Windows

Insulating your windows during the winter can go a long way toward your goal of reducing energy bills. Well-insulated windows bring in light and warmth during the day and keep out cold breezes at night. There are a variety of methods you can use to insulate your windows yourself, some...

How to Remove Items From Startup in Windows 2000

Many programs default to installing a shortcut to your startup programs list when originally installed. This can lead to a logjam of opening programs each time you reboot the computer. To cut back on unnecessary program openings and speed up your reboots, you can remove programs from the startup lis

How to Open Powerpoint Viewer on Windows XP

Microsoft's PowerPoint Viewer is a program designed for viewing PowerPoint presentations (note that this program is only designed for viewing PowerPoints, not creating them. To create a PowerPoint you need Microsoft's PowerPoint program). If this program is installed in your Windows XP machine, you

How to Repair a Windows XP Explorer EXE Application Error

Windows XP Explorer is the dedicated software application within the XP environment allowing you to sort through the drives, folders, and files on your computer from a single window. If corruption has occurred due to misconfiguration changes, as from a failed program installation or modification, yo

How to Partition Windows for Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most popular, user-friendly distributions of the free open-source Linux operating system. Backed by the company Canonical, Ubuntu adheres to a strict 6-month release schedule--constantly updating and adding new features. If you have wanted to try out Linux but aren't quite ready

Principles of Virtual Memory

Your computer's random access memory acts as your system's main memory source. RAM allows your computer to open and read programs, storing the programs in memory while they're active. Virtual memory is a type of temporary RAM simulation created using hard drive space. The core principles of virtual

How Do I Print Multiple Pages of a PDF File on One Sheet?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a popular file type used in both professional and private environments. Because anyone with a PDF reading program, such as Adobe Reader, may view the documents, the format may be used to convert a wide variety of printable material. A situation may arise where you d

How to Alter a Voice Electronically From Female to Male

Altering a voice electronically from female to male offers several advantages, including anonymity. Lowering the pitch of a voice can also increase speech intelligibility for the hard-of-hearing, according to Deaf Talk (Reference 5). Because women's vocal cords generally produce higher pitches than

How to Get Windows Installer Started

Windows Installer is an application that assists in putting software on your computer. The installer application comes standard with the Windows operating system. At times, after downloading software, the Windows Installer may not automatically launch like it should.

About Hackers

Being capable of advanced computer programming, possessing the ability to access unauthorized information, and having limitless potential to uncover what's hidden is what hackers do best. Hackers don't simply think outside the box. For them, there is no box to begin with. With talents to bend and re

How to Move My Favorites From a Disk to IE8

If you are a frequent Web browser, it is likely that you have accumulated an extensive list of browser favorites over the years. If you have purchased a new computer, you might have decided that those favorites are too important to lose, and exported them to a removable storage device before discont

How to Reset a Wireless Driver

Wireless adapters give you the ability to go online with your computer from anywhere there is an available Wi-Fi Internet connection. Like all pieces of computer hardware, however, these adapters are subject to occasional glitches such as conflicts with other devices and power interruptions. When th

How to Unzip From a Command Line

A zip file is a compressed file used to store multiple files and folders together. If you use the Linux operating system, you can use the command line utility in Linux to perform an unzip operation. Other operating systems, such as Windows and Mac OSX, offer a graphical utility to perform this opera

How to Turn Windows From German to English

Windows 7 comes in an English language edition (multilingual) or a localized version such as your Germany copy. If your copy is the English version, changing the default language is straightforward: English and other languages are already written into Windows 7 software. If the copy is German-only,

How do I Install Windows 98 on Virtual PC With XP Machines?

Microsoft's Virtual PC software allows you to run a different operating system inside your existing Windows installation. While the newest version of Virtual PC is only available for users running Windows 7, Virtual PC 2007 works on Windows XP as well, and is available as a free download from the Mi

How to Get Rid of BHO

The acronym BHO stands for Browser Helper Object, which is an add-on that works with the Internet Explorer Web browser. These are designed to expand the usability of the browser, by adding additional applications. These include plug-ins for flash video, various tool bars and ActiveX controls. If you

How to Repair Windows Vista Dll Errors

The Windows Vista operating system is an amalgamation of DLL files, files which each tell the operating system how to perform a specific task. Repairing the DLL files which make up your Vista OS is necessary when the files have become corrupt through user error or malware. This process takes around