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Define WAM - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at

How to Copy & Paste Using Safari 4

Compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, Apple's Safari 4 Internet browser offers a variety of new features while maintaining standard features, like copy and paste, that users expect. Critics praised Safari 4 at the time of its release. "Those cutting-edge advances make Safari 4 fun to use,

How to Burn WMA Files to a CD

A common way of entertaining yourself is to listen to your favorite audio files. One of the most popular ways of doing this is to use Windows Media Player on a computer system. Creating personal playlists to easily identify your favorite artists is also a useful function. Occasionally, you may want

Top Reasons to Outsource Database Administration

Database administration is an area that many businesses have to focus on, regardless of industry or sector. Having access to a large database of information is almost a requirement, whether the information includes customer profiles ...

Digital Copyright Protection - How It Is Best Implemented

Unless you are a big organization it is hardly viable to look to the use of copyrights to protect your creative even though intellectual property (IP) laws clearly cite the rights of publishers and authors. So, what is the small business owner to do when looking at copyright protection to guarantee

Six of the Best Open Source Tools

Open Source software is good for the software industry as well as consumers. It keeps the big software firms on its toes and increases competition. It also offers a free alternative to expensive software to ...

How to Remove Pest Trap Malware

Pest Trap is a fake anti-spyware program that, once present in your computer system, generates pop-ups warning you of malware and spyware present. The pop-ups offer you a free scan. After you proceed and complete the scan, this program warns you of viruses found on your computer and offers you to bu


Remote access of the computers can help us to watch over our family members, office colleagues, friends etc. but the real and the practical use of remote access software ranges from security, education, business applications ...

Conference Meeting Using Remote PC Access Software

These days, holding a meeting with your colleagues can be done even without physically going to office. There are plenty of technological ways to hold a meeting - one of the effective ways is through remote PC access software. Simply put, the term remote PC access software refers to software or an o

How to Compare Antivirus, Spyware and Malware Protections

Malware programs are very destructive to computer systems and are easily spread through e-mail attachments and infected websites. Malware programs are usually classified as viruses, worms or spyware, and they can be very difficult to detect and eliminate. It is, therefore, important to have regularl

Why the Term Governance for SharePoint Is Overhyped

A prevalent belief is that so far as SharePoint is concerned, the term governance is very much hyped and hence, we tend to talk more about the concept of governance rather that the solutions essential ...

Hide Pictures in iPhone

No one would disagree with the fact that it is quite possible that your iPhone can get lost or stolen pretty easily, therefore it is very much important to protect the sensitive information that you h

How to Convert Single Player to Multiplayer in Diablo 2

The "Diablo II" single-player experience allows you to quest, fight, and accumulate virtual wares. Some players spend months developing their single-player character and long for a way to take their single-player game into the multiplayer arena. Fortunately, the creators of "Diablo II" have allowed

Repair Windows Registry Problem on Computer

There can be very few issues in our lives that can cause us more stress other than problems which are associated with computers. Sometimes they can display unexpected behavior as well as becoming extr

How to Read an Apple CD on Windows Vista

Apple and PC computers use different formats when reading CDs, so error messages occur when you attempt to read an Apple CD on a Windows computer. The PC recognizes the Apple CD as a device, but it can't read it properly. To read the CD, install a special software program called an emulator that all

How to Connect NPN to PNP

Transistors are semiconductors that can amplify signals. Bipolar transistors, which come in NPN and PNP types, have three leads known as the base, collector and emitter. You can connect the two types to form useful circuits. For example, a complementary Darlington pair increases the amplification of

LinkedIn Offers New Features

Attention LinkedIn fans! LinkedIn will be soon rolling out two new features for company pages, €Targeted Updates€ and €Follower Statistics.€ The professional networking site is expanding as it is now allowing companies to target key ...