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Manchester - One of the UK's Premier Events Cities

Manchester is among the UK's premier events cities offering a huge variety of event venues. This article provides details of some of Manchester's better known venues as well as information on the city's extremely influential musical history.

Learning Piano Chords - Part 2

This article explains the correct way to learn piano chords so that you are best equipped to play those chords in the context of a song.The "incorrect" method of learning, namely, learning by grouping chords by white and black keys is compared.

How to Write Songs That Will Make You Lots of Money

Would you want a horribly written song given to you? I didn't think so, so why would you think someone else would? This article covers what music people really want which results in revenue.

Jazz Album Review: Hypercolor

Wanted: Listeners. Must Love Guitar. A review of New York jazz noise trio Hypercolor's debut album.

Actor Auditioning Tips

When auditioning, the actor who lands the part isn't always the best actor for the role, but he or she is usually the actor who gave the best performance in the audition room. Actors should be aware, however, that their "performance" doesn't always begin and end in the audition room.

Music Consultants - Understanding What They Do

Music consultants are people who help independent artists and upcoming musicians to record under well known labels. They are responsible for the growth of bands, management companies, promotional groups, agents and all the others who ...

Easy Songs to Learn on Guitar and Online Guitar Courses Review!

Thanks for stopping by! I have given a demo on the most easiest songs that beginners can easily play on their guitars. Often many guitar enthusiasts complain that they are unable to find an impartial review the best guitar schools on the internet. So I have included that as well. Hope my article wil

Number Eight - Keith Urban

We ranked the Top 10 Country Stars of 2007, based on Album sales, chart position of their songs, successful concerts, and major awards won. Agree or disagree, these are our picks, and we're stickin' to 'em.

Muddy Waters Profile

Profile of Chicago blues musician Muddy Waters, legendary singer, slide guitarist, and band leader.

5 Actions For Music Publicity You Must Take Today!

Making a living at performing music for audiences is a challenging way to take care of yourself and/or your family, but it is not impossible with the right connections and a smart approach toward music publicity. Even though you may sometimes feel like giving up, you should never lose sight of your


Music is my first love, marketing is my strength. I have managed to combine the two to benefit the third love in my life....PEOPLE. There are several products on the Internet that address these issues ...

Jason Michael Carroll

View photos taken at the Riverfront Stage Shows on Thursday, June 5, 2008.