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Five Online Dating Photo Mistakes For Men to Avoid

Your main online dating photo is the most important part of your online dating ad or profile. Most women will look at that photo and decide whether or not they should click on it to view the rest of your pictures and your written profile.

Ten Questions Used To Assess Your Libido

To some people sex is as easy and normal as mere breathing in and out. It is even so compulsory that they can hardly do without it. Others have the idea that sex is a seasonal thing and they do not mind a sexual dry spell.

How To Attract Women While Avoiding This Nightmare

Do you make these simple mistakes when having a conversation with a woman you're attracted to? Tell me if this has happened to you. You finally got a date with that girl you've been wanting to take out for a long time. So far things are going great, and the conversation has been interestin

Mature Seduction - 1 Amazing Way To Elevate Your Game, Guaranteed

In this article we are going to take a quick and powerful look at how you can amp up your game a few solid ticks in the passionate and purposeful direction of being sexy and seductive...with the more mature, and discerning set!This is a whole different challenge than making the move on your typical

Online Dating For Single Seniors

Today it is not unusual for baby boomers to look for online dating for seniors. They have become popular once they have realised that they can find someone on the internet to share their small ...

Fixing Relationship Problems In 3 Simple Steps

Fixing relationship problems can be tricky; but if you're sincere about it, then it's always worth a shot. Here are 3 steps you can follow to help you in your ordeal.

Ways to Casually Leave a Girl Wanting More

How can you leave a girl you just met wanting more? Leaving her wanting more is a classic tactic of attraction. Leave a girl you just met at a party with a comment that will leave her thinking about you while you are away, flirting with other girls. A well done comment to a girl at a checkout stand

Corporate Dating - The New Rules

If you thought that corporate dating was only for desperate singles who could not find a date the old fashioned way, think again. Every year, more eligible, highly successful singles are trying match making - with super busy lives, and little time to sift through a procession of uncomfortable and mi

How Do You Know If She's In Love With You?

Many men have asked this same question. They say that women can be very difficult to read, but it is really not that hard. I suppose it is not a guarantee, but here are some questions that will give y

Great and Funny Sex Facts

There are some crazy funny sex facts out there, some of them are really hilarious. For example, did you know that during the world war 11, the condoms that were there were used to cover the rifle barrels so that they could not get damaged. Apparently, the salt water could damage the rifle barrels an

Hilarious Games for Couples

There is nothing more romantic than staring into your partner's eyes and sharing a laugh together. Laughing together is a form of bonding that can be stronger than conversation. Play these hilariously naughty games. Enjoy the giggles you will share with you and your guests and later enjoy the sexy r