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A Groom's Speech Should Be Gracious and Sincere

Groom's speeches should tick all the boxes. They should include thanks to those who should be thanked and a welcome to those who should be welcomed. Above all they should speak glowingly of the bride, gratefully of her bridesmaids and perhaps teasingly about his best man.

Wall-E Birthday Games & Activities

"Wall-E" is an animated Disney movie about a robot who embarks on a space journey. When planning a "Wall-E"-themed birthday party for your child, incorporate a variety of outer-space aspects into the party. From activities to party games, your creativity and a few inexpensive supplies are all you ne

Best Wedding Venues To Hire

Wedding is the most important day in a person's life, so everyone tries to make the wedding day unforgettable. Although all arrangements for the wedding play an important role for making the event successful, but the importance of venues is greater as compared to all other arrangements.

Ways to Display Food at Weddings

Details are often what make a wedding celebration so memorable. Apply that thought to your food display for a beautiful reception. If you are using a professional caterer or hotel services, ask them what flexibility you have to be creative in your food displays. Often, they will have suggestions for

Wedding Table Plans

Organising your table plans can feel like a minefield - trying not to upset anyone while still finding a good balance in the distribution of your guests.

Top Ten Honeymoon Vacations in the United States

When planning a honeymoon, sometimes the best place to go is right at home. That is, in the United States. Several locations are perennially favorites among honeymooning couples. Whether you're looking for warm weather, cold weather, beaches, shopping or outdoor activites, these are the Top 10 place

Advantages of a Destination Wedding

If you are looking for a more unique wedding day, a destination style wedding is certain to offer a great number of attractions for those wishing to exchange their vows in an idyllic location. A destination wedding has seen significant increases in popularity in recent years, and the latest indicati

Wedding Rings - Through the Ages and for All Eternity

The exact origin of the wedding ring is uncertain and is rife with superstition and mythology. Papyruses dating back to the ancient Egyptian civilization depict wedding rings, and historians credit the land of the Pharaohs with originating this tradition. Engagement or betrothal rings were in use as

The Best Wedding Magazines

Wedding planning is a multi-million dollar industry, and many brides rely on wedding magazines to help them plan for their big day. The array of bridal magazines aims to please brides with a wide variety of preferences, combining full-page color photographs illustrating the latest wedding...

About Formal Tea Parties

Attending formal tea parties are a social event for women of a certain status. Tea parties are still close to the same parties they were hundreds of years ago in which wealthy women dress up and gather to socialize with one another in their homes or in a tea house.

Ideas for an 85th Birthday

Celebrating the 85th birthday of a loved one is a joyous occasion. Creating a beautiful party with loved ones is a way to show how much the honored guest means to you. Finalizing an overall theme, decorations, gifts and other details can be a daunting task but it is well worth the effort.

The Top 10 Wedding Flowers

Whether for your bouquet, table settings or the centre piece, there are many different wedding flowers to choose from. However, you need to consider which particular flowers will be available and in season at the ...

Cultural Wedding Guest Favors

In the eastern part of the world, where the Asian countries are located, weddings are also a very significant event, just like in the West. When a wedding in the family has been announced, family, friends and colleagues become very excited. The first thing they do is to congratulate the couple. Next

Hens night party in Sydney

A week before the auspicious wedding day, everything is found to be in turmoil. Lots of thing are left, yet to done and what about the last minute shopping? It takes a toll on your nerves when you mak

How to Send Out Party Invitations

Send out invitations to invite guests formally to a party. Invitations serve as a visual reminder of an event. Mailing out invitations provides information to guests. Guests need to know where and when the party is, what to bring, attire and duration. Make invitations at home out of card stock or i

Choices and Styles of Discount Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is at once both the most fun and the most stressful event in the life of many brides (and even, at times, the grooms). There are many details and many plans that need to come together in order to host a successful wedding. In the giant puzzle of wedding items, wedding invitations

Last Minute Ideas for Family Reunions

Family reunions help extended family get to know each other.Design Pics/Valueline/Getty ImagesFamily reunions allow family members to spend time together. Often different branches of the family do not know each other well. Although a good family reunion requires planning, some activities...

A Budgeted Wedding

A lot of couples are shocked to learn the average cost of a wedding, which costs around $25,000 to $30,000 and if you are probably planning to marry in a larger city that cost may ...