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Plants for a Front Yard Garden

A front yard garden filled with flowers and foliage enhances the curb appeal of your home. Select a combination of plants for a front yard garden to have flowers and greenery year-round. Arrange the plants by height with the tallest plants along the back of a foundation border garden or in the cente

Potting and Compost Soils

Most types of store-bought potting soils will work well in planters, but you can also use them to mix and blend soils in order to provide just the right mixture for any type of plant, herb, vegetable or flower and their moisture and drainage needs.Container potting mixes offer a variety of benefits

How to Build With Interlocking Blocks

Interlocking blocks are made of concrete in many colors and sizes. The back of each block has a lip on it that sits over the block underneath it to interlock the two together. Interlocking blocks do not require mortar to bond each course together as bricks do, so you save valuable time in constructi

Citrus Trees - Tips for Planting and Growing Healthy Fruit

Citrus trees or shrubs are available in many different varieties and growing them in your yard will provide you with juicy, healthy and delicious fruits. These trees have evergreen leaves and will add beauty to your surroundings. You will find lots of useful tips to grow and protect citrus trees in

Caring for Your Garden Fountain

When you take the time and expense to purchase a garden fountain, there is little doubt that you want it to perform as well as possible for many years to come.

Where To Find Bulk Organic Vegetable Seed

Growing organic vegetables from seed is a great way to combine healthy diet and healthy exercise. Most people want to start small, but maybe you already did that. Maybe you loved your small organic ga

Thorn Tree Types

Avoid purchasing a landscaping tree, only to find out later on that it features thorns. Knowing which trees develop thorns on their trunks, branches, twigs and foliage can prevent you from planting what you think is a handsome ornamental species in a high-traffic area, only to see it develop sharp s

Vermicomposting With the Worm Factory

Worm composting has always been a great means to making good use of your kitchen scraps and garden wastes. So instead of throwing them to your trash bins, and be left to rot up and pile on landfills later on, then you can always opt into composting these. Not only will you be able to save the earth

What Quince Tree Will Grow in Georgia?

Quince, a popular fruit with a history that covers thousands of years, can be cooked to create traditional dishes. Several varieties of quince trees grow hardily in Georgia, which has moderate temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

How to Grow Mint From Sprigs

Growing mint from sprigs, or cuttings, is the easiest way to get all the free mint plants that you want. These plants root readily in water because the stems are so succulent. This virtually guarantees success for even the first plant propagation efforts of any green beginner. Your rooted mint sprig

How to Water Sod

After sod is installed, it must be cared for correctly or it will wilt and die. Sod needs plenty of water so that the root system continues to grow downward and root into the ground below. Water schedules specific to hot weather growing and cool weather growing are required to ensure that the sod ta

Tips For Growing Vegetables in Your Kitchen Garden

Veg growing all by you is not only money saving option, but there are many health benefits related to it. In case there is ample space in your house, you can grow your own veg as well as sell some of the produce in the market.

Septic Tank Pumping - Raleigh Septic Tank Pumping Services

Ever wondered how to remove the disgusting sludge from the septic tank in a safe manner? The infected Pumping ServicesRaleighis happy to help you. With periodic and proper flushing of your septic tank by professionals, ...

How to Make a Cheap Greenhouse

A greenhouse can be a self-contained structure with apparatus for climate control and irrigation. These structures tend to be expensive, ranging anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. You can, however, make a cheap greenhouse that functions as a greenhouse but is freestanding, re

Site Establishment and Site Erosion

When you establish a construction site in Australia it is your responsibility to ensure that no dirt runs off your site to pollute gutters, drains or waterways. Heavy on-the-spot fines may be charged if your local council identifies you as an offender.

How to Protect Vents From Snow

Vents are necessary for successful airflow in and out of any building. Vents allow the intake and outtake of warm and cold air for heating and cooling systems. Vents also prevent potentially toxic fumes from building up (such as exhaust fumes building up in the garage). Vents can become clogged with

A Guide to Indoor Bonsai Trees

Bonsai tree can really be a wonderful thing and definitely something unique to have in your house if you can take proper care of it. These miniature trees resemble a piece of landscaping which has been trimmed down in size.

Pink Orchid-an Ancient Symbol

Growing and caring for orchids is actually an ancient custom. According to history people have been growing and harvesting different variants of orchids for hundreds of years already.

Create A Low Maintenance Garden Using Gravel

Using gravel in your garden can create an excellent, in-expensive but practical garden surface. It's attractive, maintenance-free, simple to lay and fits in well with plants.