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5 Recommendations for Managing an RA Flare-Up

If you have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, then you know better than anyone what it is like to live with stiffness, inflamed joints, and extreme fatigue on a constant basis. To put things in ...

Four Simple Reminders for Type 2 Diabetes Cooking

There are a few certain important things that one should remember in type 2 diabetes cooking. Diabetes type 2 is part of diabetes mellitus, which is a group of diseases that are characterized by an ab

Cholinergic Urticaria - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Cholinergic urticaria can stop you in your tracks and restrain you from the daily joys of life. However, before you give up hope from your long battle with this odd form of the hives condition, read t

An Escape From the Misery of Migraines

About ten percent of the population suffers from migraine headaches. This percentage may be even higher as migraine headaches often go undiagnosed. Anybody who has suffered from a full blown migraine knows that the pain ...

Detailed Information on Methylmalonic Aciduria

Methylmalonic acidemia (MMA), also called methylmalonic aciduria. Methylmalonic Aciduria is a disorder of amino acid metabolism, involving a defect in the conversion of methylmalonyl-coenzyme A (CoA)

A Quick Glance At The Adverse Result Of Obesity

For the one who is obese, there are lots of serious dangers to health and total well being. The annual cost is quite a few tens of billions of dollars in the US for all ...

Do You Really Need A Flu Shot? Get Informed And Then Decide For Yourself

Every year around Labor Day the commercial begin. "Get your flu shot early this year; don't wait". Now we can even get the yearly shot at the grocery store, the drug store, or while browsing at Walmart. No longer do we have to go to the doctor to get the injection and pay the fee for

Hand Numbness Information

Hand numbness is a result of a loss of feeling or sensation in the hand or fingers. Many times hand numbness coincides with a burning or tingling feeling and can include weakness or pain.

Alzheimer's Test: Confirmation And Treatment Of This Disease

There is not one Alzheimer's test that can be done which can tell you whether you are suffering from Alzheimer's with 100% certainty. Tests which are done can suggest, that Alzheimer's is probable. The only conclusive test which can be done, is an autopsy when you have died.

Who Gets Genital Warts?

Genital warts are caused by the human papilloma virus or also known as HPV.It is the most commonly sexually transmitted disease in the United States.There are certain forms of the disease that are associated with cervical cancer and other genital cancers.

The Reasons for Snoring

The act of snoring does not actually cause damage to the body. However, it can be terribly frustrating to those who snore or to the people who reside with a snorer. It's the shuddering of ...

TB Facts

Tuberculosis, also known as TB, is a bacterial disease that infects the lungs and other parts of the body. It is transmitted through the air and occurs in every part of the world. Although it is most readily identifiable by a heavy cough, other symptoms can develop over time. Most people exposed do

Information on Malaria and It's Many Deadly Symptoms

Malaria is a serious infectious disease caused by a microbial parasite known as Plasmodium. This parasite infects mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles. The female Anopheles mosquito transmits this disease among humans via mosquito bites.

Treat Nausea With Best Medicine

Sometimes it happens that people start feeling nausea or feel like they are about to vomit. We always wish that we can control this problem.

Free Blood Glucose Meters

A blood glucose meter is the one tool that a diabetes patient has to really see if they are blood glucose level is ideal. The normal range before meals should be between 80 to 120. ...