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What You Should Expect When Hiring a Babysitter

If you've never dealt with a babysitter before, you may not know how exactly what to expect. If you're new to parenting, you might feel you are grasping at straws when it comes to the whole babysitting experience. The truth is, it's not a complicated business.

Planning A Successful Family Camping Trip

A successful family camping trip can be easier with a few simple steps. Here are some tips and tricks for putting together a family camping experience that will build good memories and be fun for you and the kids.

Creative Writing Topics for Teen Girls

Providing your teenage daughter with ample opportunities and inspiration to write can help her better express her ideas, organize and understand her thoughts and emotions, and nurture her ability to bring things to fruition. Suggest writing projects that allow her to write freely, candidly and casua

Basic Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming Pool Safety is very important to prevent accidents from occuring. These basic pool safety tips are a must read for all parents with pools in the backyard, or with children who go swimming elsewhere. Protect your child against drowning with these simple swimming pool safety tips.

Parenting ADHD Children - A Must Read

Everywhere I go these days it seems I hear somebody talking about ADHD. Children are being diagnosed and parents are at their wits-end wondering what to do. Thinking that they aren't parenting properly. If I just try harder, more discipline, more love, more...something - I can make it go away,

Ideas For an Infant Halloween Costume

Parents want their children to look their most scariest on Halloween light so why not spend a little extra time preparing them properly for the occasion. Halloween is a night to remember so get dressed to match the theme correctly.

Coming Of Age - Through Alice's Looking Glass

Why is the traditional celebration of a girl's first period, which has been in place for generations, is seen by a contemporary writer as obsolete? Why would a 'modern' writer call for such traditional rites to be 'cut to a bare minimum'?

Disciplining Kids With Behavior Problems - 5 Must Try Methods

Handling and disciplining kids with bad behavior is no easy task. Parents of kids with behavior problems the world over are keen to find solutions for stopping bad behavior in children that will improve their child's behavior and bring peace to their household. This article outlines five proven

How A Dad Can Tell When To Change Babysitters

If you have been using a babysitter for your kids when you have to be away, do you always have a good feeling about her? Here are some warning signs about your children's or your babysitter's behavior that should let you know it is time to make a change.

5 Simple Steps to Settle a Newborn Baby

Sleeping is most important for newborn to maintain a healthy immune system that functions adequately. It is also important for general health and normal growth and development. If your baby does not get enough sleep they may not develop at what is considered the norm.

Anoxia Definition

What is anoxia? Learn the definition of anoxia as it relates to polytrauma and TBI.

Italian Baby Furniture

While selecting baby furniture for your little one, safety and comfort of the little one should be given prime importance. However, if you get furniture that's stylish as well in addition to these parameters, it will be your best choice. Read to know more about Italian baby furniture.

Breast Milk Can Transmit West Nile

The West Nile virus can be transmitted through breast milk, CDC states. But in the one confirmed case, the infected infant never developed symptoms, and the mother has fully recovered. <BR>

When to Start a Baby Routine

My experience indicates that babies don't start to surface between sleep cycles (the process of drifting between light and deep sleep) until they reach 6kg/13.2lbs, which is usually around 8 to 16 weeks. This is why you can aid a newborn baby to sleep and he will still sleep for a long period,