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How to Build a Two-Dimensional RNA Model

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a macromolecule that is fundamental to all forms of life. RNA is composed of a single strand of nucleotides, each consisting of a phosphate group, a ribose sugar and a nucleobase. RNA molecules are responsible for protein synthesis and are involved in transmitting genetic i

What Is a Transmission Electron Microscope?

The transmission electron microscope, commonly referred to as a TEM, is more powerful than the traditional light microscope. Transmission electron microscopes allow the user to see the fine details of the specimens which are normally not seen in microscopes of a lower power.

How to Open a 440 Super Knife

A 440 Super Knife is a stainless steel knife manufactured by Spyderco. It is a folding pocket knife, meaning the blade folds down into the handle, making it safe and small enough to fit into a pocket. The super knife is a functional, utility knife that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as

How to Plan a Small Woodworking Shop

With proper planning, a woodworking shop can be set up in a basement, a garage, or a shed in the yard. Think about the regular chores that will be required and develop the space around these tasks. While thinking about where to place tools and supplies, give serious consideration to safety. Proper v

How to Make a Boat out of a Plastic Milk Carton

If your family drinks milk on a regular basis, you may have an excess of plastic milk cartons left behind. Instead of tossing these cartons into the garbage can, salvage them by showing your kids how they can turn the containers into whimsical toy boats. Not only will this allow your children to mak

The Natural Habitat of Daphnias

Daphnias are planktonic microcrustaceans and are generally referred to as water fleas. They have flattened leaf like legs that produce saltatory swimming movements. There are approximately 100 species of daphnias. Daphnias can be found in any fresh water body including swamps, lakes, ponds, rock poo

How to Get a Shiny Starter in "Pokemon Platinum"

Developed by Game Freak, "Pokemon Platinum" is the third game in the Nintendo DS Pokemon series, which includes "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pearl." The concept of "Shiny Pokemon" was introduced in the "Pokemon Gold and Silver" series on the Game Boy Color

How to Clean a Gun With Rust

Without proper maintenance, dirt, grease and moisture can quickly render a gun inoperable. Rust forms on guns from the salty perspiration on your hands and fingers. Moisture in the air also causes rust on guns. If not removely properly, rust continues to spread causing extensive damage that can lea

Erosion Control Materials

Erosion tends to occur in climates that experience alternate dry and wet seasons or in areas where widespread landscape changes have occurred. The natural forces of wind and water wash away soil and most of the nutrients in the ground, disintegrating hills and dunes. If left unchecked, erosion can c

How to Make a Ladder Toss

Ladder toss is a game that consists of two players throwing a bolas (two balls connected by a string) at a small ladder in an attempt to accurately wrap it around the ladder rungs. Each rung is worth a certain number points, and the person who is the most accurate can score more points, winning the

How to Put Images on Ceramic Tile

Permanently capturing a photographic image on a ceramic tile offers a unique way to save and display your treasured memories. While matting and/or framing is the traditional way to display photographs, placing an image on a tile offers additional display options such as permanently affixing it to a

How to Make a Clay Model Memory Card for a School Project

Memory cards are used to store information, particularly pictures or files, on cameras, televisions, game consoles or computers. These tiny chips enable you to easily move information back and forth between the systems seamlessly, without having to mess with cables and other extraneous devices. If y

How to Change the Bits on an Old Black & Decker Router

Black & Decker routers perform several special detailed woodworking jobs. Different router bits are shaped for the types of grooves or bevels desired. Installing a new router bit correctly is essential for care of the collet, or sleeve that holds the shank of the bit. Use the right router bits for y

Homemade Tool Boxes

Make a personalized toolbox for the handy person in your life. Metal tool boxes are heavy and susceptible to rusting. With a little effort and the proper tools you can make a wooden toolbox that is both functional and attractive. This project will result in a nice gift for t

How to Use a Planer on Soft Woods

Planers will easily surface soft woods. "Surface" is a term used by woodworkers in reference to the smooth, finished surface that planers apply on wood. The problem is, planers incorporate scalloped runners under high pressure to hold wood down. This much pressure will permanently imprint soft woods

How to Identify a Hydraulic Pump

All hydraulic systems use pressure to move components, including automotive brake systems. Pump types vary, so it can be difficult to identify and locate hydraulic pumps if you are unfamiliar with a particular hydraulic system or unfamiliar with hydraulics, in general. But there are a few basic simi

Why Do Fungi Grow Better After Autoclave?

Culturing fungi has long been a practice of scientists, food suppliers and hobbyists alike. Penicillin, the most widely used antibiotic in the world, is extracted from fungus. Many types of fungi are grown for commercial consumption, including oyster, shiitake, portobello and pom pom blanc mushrooms