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Scented Candles - Create Special Memory Makers

Create centrepieces for your wedding that also act as memory makers for your special day.Using the sense of smell, you can create memories that will evoke emotions just as strong, if not stronger than the song that you choose for your first dance.Here are some ideas to make your centre piece unique

Soap Making History

Much has been written on the soap making history and how we come to today's modern day soaps and making processes. The earliest record of soap recipe was found not until the 2200 B.C. The recipe called for water, alkali and cassia oil.

The Awkward Situation Of English Major

Now, about 60% of the English major face up the awkward situation, English is the weapon for them, but few of them have held the weapon closely. Who can save them?

How to Repair Antique Chairs

Using antique chairs in your home can really add a very traditional feel to your decor, especially if the chair is an heirloom from generations past. Even the best cared for antique chairs will need repairs and restoration at certain points in their life. The most common problems are loose joints an

Collecting Sports Cards - Everything You Need to Know

Collecting sports cards is an excellent hobby. If you are lucky you can also turn your hobby into a valuable sideline. This article looks at collecting sports cards and what you need to know.

How to Tell the Age of Your Coffee Table

Your old coffee table could be a well-worn, family treasure, valued more for memories than for age -- or it could be a valuable antique. Style, alone, cannot determine when your table was created since furniture makers continually replicate older designs. Nonetheless, there are ways of telling the a

Designing Flowers at Home

The art of floral arrangement has existed from centuries. However, it still manages to leave an everlasting effect on our minds. The awe-inspiring flowers and their captivating features cast a spell when arranged in the form of a bouquet. With wide varieties of color, texture, shapes and fragrances

Great Things About Metal Detecting

One of the main reasons metal detecting is going to be around for quite a while are its amazing benefits, both long and short term. Metal detecting can attract a large number of health and fitness people, particularly those people already in their golden years.

Thimbles - A Tool of the Past & A Hobby of Today!

The Thimble has a long history since its inception, having been a tool for craftsmen and a source of inspiration for the collector. The most ancient thimble that exists to date is Roman, apparently found in the ruins of Pompeii and made of Bronze. Some collectors have found that some primitive thimb

The Fun of Shopping For Antiques

When you really know what you are looking for, you will not be scammed as easily. There are many replications out there. You do not want to purchase a replicated item thinking it is real. That can make this hobby miserable.

Quilts Tell Many Stories

A new baby on the way, an anxious mother is in labor; the nervous father sits and waits for news on his long-awaited child. This is a familiar tale told each day in hundreds of hospitals around the world by millions of families and their respective doctors.