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Differences Between Urethane and Polyurethane Paints

Urethane and polyurethane paints share many properties.paint image by CraterValley Photo from Fotolia.comOpinions vary about whether to use urethane-based or polyurethane-based paints. The prefix " poly" originated from the Greek word meaning " many," which conveys that polyurethane is...

How to Plan a Flagstone Patio

Spending the necessary time on the planning stage when building a flagstone patio can actually save you a lot of time--and effort. It's important to consider factors like the size, shape and color of your flagstone; how large your flagstone patio will be; and how much materials you will need to buil

What Are the Different Kinds of Landscape Stone?

Stones typically play a major role in landscaping. A wide variety of natural and man-made stones are used to form the basis for a landscape as well as to enhance the structure, giving your yard shape and beauty. Landscape stones can be used as the main focal point of a landscape or as a...

How to Set Up an Invisible Pet Fence

A pet dog can be a wonderful companion, but if he runs loose in the neighborhood he can quickly alienate your neighbors. If a fence is too expensive, unsightly, or forbidden by building codes, then an invisible pet fence might be the answer. The invisible fence keeps your dog inside your yard by giv

Simple Landscaping Tips Anyone Can Benefit From

When you look at your yard, do you gaze lovingly at your yard or do you run in the house and hide from embarrassment? You can create a beautiful garden and reduce the time and ...

How to Rid a Yard and Garden of Rattlesnakes

A rattlesnake is not the type of snake you want to find in your yard or garden. Rattlesnakes aren't harmful to vegetation, but they are extremely dangerous to you, the gardener. Unfortunately, there are no products available to repel rattlesnakes. However, there are ways to keep them out and make th

Flower Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards in the Springtime

Sprucing up a front lawn with some flower landscaping ideas is a great way to showcase your home.May on lawn image by Natasha K from Fotolia.comPlanning and executing a beautifully landscaped and colorful front lawn is a wonderful way to showcase your front yard in the spring after winter...

The Installation of a Drip Irrigation System

Traditional irrigation systems spray water into the air that falls like a gentle rain onto waiting plants. These systems are effective at providing moisture, but they also lose water to evaporation on hot days. The water lost to the heat is a wasted cost for a homeowner and never benefits the plants

Colors for Patios

Use natural colors and materials to blend your patio with its environment.Tim Robberts/Lifesize/Getty ImagesWith a wide variety of options for construction material, furniture and landscaping, choosing a color palette early on will help you make a number of decisions as you proceed....

Tips on Turfing a Lawn

Turfing or laying down a lawn can be done in one of two ways either by seeding the soil with turf grass to grow lawn turf or installing panels of sod to give an instant lawn. Be it sod installation or seeding three elements are critical to short and long-term success: a well prepared soil bed, plent

Christmas Ideas for My Red Throw Pillows on My Porch

If the red throw pillows on your porch furniture need a little dose of holiday spirit, then add a few decorations to make them more festive. Decide ahead of time if you want to use your red pillows after the Christmas holiday is over. If you do, work on a craft project that can be taken...

Solar Outdoor Lighting - Almost There

After buying a few solar-powered outdoor lights, I was really disappointed with them. Still motivated by their many benefits, I have tried to find the best solar lights available. They are getting better, but are still a little ways off.

How to Install IPE Decking

Many homeowners and decking contractors prefer using IPE decking boards because of their durability. IPE decking boards are known to last much longer than conventional pressure-treated decking boards or even synthetic boards. Installing decking boards is never an easy process, but many homeowners fi

Tips To Choose the Right Water Fountain Pump

Choosing the right type of foot pump for your water fountain can be quite an overwhelming task for many people. However, there are many useful tips which can be followed to choose the right type of pumps. Choosing a pump for a simple water fountain can be quite easy as there are many models availabl

Appropriate Care Is Equally Important for Trees and Plants

To look after your trees having proficient deal with tree trimming can save your money. Regular assessment of your tree can give you an idea about such as insects, decay branches and other issues long before they become a problem. Because of weak limbs and branches may be you need to open up an area

How to Design a Front Porch Deck

Designing a porch or deck can be an exciting and valuable addition to your home. A new deck can improve your home's value and curb appeal as well as impress the neighbors. There are many considerations that go into planning and designing a deck, and it is often more difficult than expected. The effo

How to Measure for Block Edging for a Circular Garden Bed

Using garden construction blocks for edging has become popular. The blocks come in a range of colors so they can be matched to the house color and trim. Blocks taper at the rear so they form circles naturally. Widths can be anywhere from eight inches for cobbles to 17 inches for retaining wall block

Lawn Care for Yellow Spots

Yellow spots on a lawn are not only unappealing, but they indicate that your lawn is not healthy. If you do not treat your lawn, the problem could escalate and spread across your entire yard. To restore your lawn to a luscious green and prevent further damage, you must first identify the cause of th

How to Sharpen a Lawnmower Mulch Blade

Mulching blades on lawn mowers are designed to direct the lawn clippings back into the lawn where the grass meets the ground. Using a mulching blade to keep grass cuttings on the lawn will help give the grass a greener appearance. The cuttings also leave nutrients in the ground when the cut grass st