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Droid X Touchscreen Not Being Responsive

An unresponsive touchscreen on a Droid X smartphone can cripple the device. Users have to touch the smartphone's screen to make phone calls, navigate menus, use apps and perform virtually any other task on the device. An unresponsive touchscreen could be the result of any number of issues and can of

How to Transfer Money From the UK to the USA

Several companies offer to transfer funds internationally from your bank account to a recipient's account. Each company charges a different transfer fee depending on the amount you're sending and the currency exchange rates. It is a good idea to determine the money transfer fee before sending funds

Retirement Planning Statistics

Planning for financial security during the golden years is something that every person should perform. Retirement planning statistics show that some people, even those only a few years from retirement, have inadequate savings for a retirement age of 65. Using retirement statistics can help people ga

Credit Reporting Federal Law

In the United States, there are three main credit reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Each agency gathers similar information about your credit, but there may be independent mistakes and some items reported through one agency rather than all three. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FC

Electronic Checkbooks

Put an end to overdrawn bank accounts with simple-to-use electronic checkbooks. An electronic checkbook is a checkbook that is digital, so you can upload the program or file to any of your electronic devices, such as your smartphone, PDA or computer. Managing your checkbook electronically lets you k

Wisconsin Unemployment Questions Regarding Eligibility

For many workers losing a job means not being able to support their families. Unemployment benefits fill the gap for many workers from the time they lose their jobs until they find new ones. For Wisconsin workers who find themselves unemployed for the first time, many questions arise as these worker

Retirement Information for the National Guard

Whether your retirement is in the distant future or next couple of years, it's never too early to start budgeting, making plans and setting goals. As a member of the National Guard, you will receive competitive retirement pay in addition to Social Security benefits for holding a civilian job, if app

What Are the Advantages of and Fees for Trading With a Forex Broker?

FOREX brokers provide two basic services to traders: (1) they cause trade orders to be executed; and (2) they provide margin -- loans used for funding partially-collateralized trades -- in ratios up to 500:1. In addition, they may offer niceties, such as real-time charting platforms or a view of al

How to Improve Personal Credit

Improving your personal credit history is crucial if you plan to purchase a home, work in the finance industry or apply for vehicle financing. Some consumers underestimate the importance of a good credit rating. Yet the benefits of a good rating are limitless. Today it's common for some employers an

Depression Era Advice

Although a depression is often connected with times of absolute financial hardship, leading to starvation and multiple occurrences of poverty, there are ways for people to prepare themselves. Creative people everywhere are finding ways to cut their spending without sacrificing much toward their qual

How to Lease a Car With No Credit

Leasing a car with no credit can be a challenge, but most auto dealers would rather take a risk on someone with no credit at all than someone with bad credit history. To lease a car with no credit, a cash down payment is usually required, as well as a stable job with solid income.

Do Children Receive SSI Benefits If a Parent Is Disabled?

According to the Social Security Administration's rules for providing disability income to qualified individuals, children of disabled adults receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) do not qualify for any dependent benefits, unless the child is also disabled. To qualify for SSI benefits, the So

California Laws for Trusts

Trusts are legal entities through which a settlor -- the creator of the trust -- places money to be distributed to beneficiaries. Trusts require a trustee to administer the trust, beneficiaries who are ascertainable and funding. California's Probate Code governs trusts throughout the state. The Cali

How to Calculate Equity Income

By purchasing the stock of a company, you become a partial owner of the company. As an owner, you are entitled to a share of the company's profits. Your total earnings are distributed through dividends and capital gains. Dividends are direct cash payments from the company to its shareholders as a di

Alabama Child Support Obligation Laws

Child support is ordered so that both parents share the burden of providing for a child's basic needs when the couple is no longer together. Alabama's child support guidelines set forth how the child support amount is determined, when the court is permitted to deviate from the basic formula, the cir

The Effect of Inflation on Rate of Return

When you invest money, the goal is to get a high rate of return. This payout is in part to compensate for your willingness to set aside cash and save it for the future instead of spending it on goods and services today. However, economic forces such as inflation affect the rate of return for investm

Money Merge Account Vs. Paying Extra Each Month

Money merge accounts and similar programs offer a homeowner the ability to pay off a mortgage early. While money merge accounts are legitimate, there are a number of factors that a homeowner should understand before considering using this system to payoff a mortgage early. In many cases, a homeowner