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How to Start a Business Breeding & Selling Miniature Yorkies

Miniature Yorkies are Yorkshire terriers that are bred to be smaller, a trait that makes them such a popular breed. According to the AKC Dog Registration Statistics, the Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Breeding and selling teacup and miniature dogs can be a

Miniature Dogs and Teacup Puppies - Miniature Beagle

This article goes into a particular miniature breed - the Beagle. He is similar to his larger brother but does have some endearing qualities that set this breed aside from the rest of the crowd.

Dog Training Tips - Basics on Puppy Training

So you're thrilled to bits about your new little fur ball's arrival, but there are two words you'll need to keep in mind during his first two weeks in your home - Puppy Training. He's a puppy and will in all probability, behave like one - chew your shoes, take a leak on your carp

Aloe Vera Juice for Dogs With Digestive Symptoms

Digestive problems in dogs range from chronic diarrhea and vomiting -- to simple bloating. If your dog exhibits any symptoms of digestive difficulty, you may be tempted to try using aloe vera juice to ease your pet's digestive discomfort. Using the product has no clinically proven benefits, but many

German Pinscher - Dog Breeds

The German Pinscher can be the perfect companion dog for any family. This rare breed has a sense of humour, and is very brave.These dogs are not easily offended and have substantial stamina. They are very energetic, but at the same time also passive.

Information on Clicker Training for Dogs

Clicker training is a quick, efficient, effective method of training any breed of dog in obedience, manners and canine competition. Scientifically termed "operant conditioning," clicker training provides success and progress in all arenas of dog training.

Steps for Dog Training

The use of treats is essential in dog biscuits image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comTaking on the task of training a dog is a big responsibility. In order to do the job effectively, you must devise a plan of action. For instance, you should know what methods you are going to...

How to Treat Mange in Puppies

Mange is a skin condition caused by mites that often occurs in puppies and adult dogs. There are two types of mange, sarcoptic mange, caused by the sarcoptis scabei mite, or demodectic mange, caused by the demodex canis mite. Each of these types of mange produce small, red bumps and oozing boils tha

Should You Get Your Puppy a Dog Bed?

I got a very excited call from my friends the other day with big news. They just got a new puppy. They were at the mall at the pet store when they called, buying all the new stuff necessary for any new puppy owner - little collars, little leashes, puppy food, puppy treats, puppy vitamins, lots of to

How to Put a Hamilton Harness on a Dog

When first pulled out of the package, a Hamilton harness is often a coiled, twisted mess. It may seem as though you will need a degree in textiles and design to figure out how to put it on your dog. However, identifying the parts of the harness and fitting it to your dog should really only take a fe

Basic Commands Your New Puppy Needs to Know

When you get a new puppy there are some commands that they will need to know not only to stay safe but to be a well behaved dog as they grow. While you can teach your dog other commands also, make sure they know the basic commands.

Why Do Dogs Howl?

Although dogs bark more than wolves, they howl less. The reason for the comparative rarity of dog-howling is the difference in the social life of the domestic dog and the wild wolf.

Dog Trainers - Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Get Their Services

While it is certainly true that anyone can train their dog, there are some reasons why it is better to entrust this activity to dog trainers. This is because training dogs necessitate a higher level of discipline and consistency. This is something that may be hard for dog owners to keep up with espe

Jack Russell Terrier Dogs - How to Potty Train a Puppy

Potty training your new Jack Russell terrier dog puppy can be quite challenging at times. Get all the trick and techniques so that you can stay ahead of the game so that you and your new puppy can both be healthy and happy.