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How to Sell Photos Online - For Profit

Every single day keen amateur photographers, just like you and me, are making a second income from their hobby. Just one question - how to sell photos online for profit? Now, is it really possible ...

How to Operate an Adult Movie Studio

The adult film world is a multi-million dollar industry. If you are interested in running your own adult movie studio there are several things that you will need to do to ensure that your business is a success and that you aren't breaking any laws.

Nikon Digital Cameras

Digital is becoming the in thing more and more daily. Whether digital audio or digital video, our lives are seeing them become a permanent fixture every day. Digital photography is one such increasingly popular option and one of its pioneers is the Nikon digital cameras.

Tokina 12-24mm Review - Sharp Ultra Wide Zoom Lens for Cropped Sensor DSLR

This Tokina 12-24mm lens is the best wide angle lens I have used to date. The main factor for me was the price, since I don't have an unlimited budget for equipment. When I was searching for an affordable wide angle lens I found this and thought I would give it a shot. This article is a review

Ten Online Business Ideas to Make Money From Selling Photos

If you are a photographer or a person with love for pictures, you can now make an earning out of this passion! Be an amateur or a professional, your chances and rate of earning will depend on the dedication you put in. So here are the top 10 online business ideas by which you can earn money with pho

Wedding Photographer in Sydney

While most couples might slight the way that they require an expert picture taker, yet enlisting a great and expert photographic artist can have a creation of effect to your wedding photography. Expert wedding picture ...

His Most Famous Photograph (Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico) - Ansel Adams

Famous American photographer and environmental activist, Ansel Adams (1902-1984) was distinguished for his black and white photography. His works, mostly themed on landscapes and natural settings, were known for their remarkable attention to details. Adams had an uncanny ability to infuse life in hi

Edit Your Digital Photos - Get The Complete Picture Here

Learn how to use adobe photoshop to quickly and easily edit your digital photos like the professionals. This covers the more advanced content of adobe photoshop and you will learn so much, so easily and such a short time. You will be amazed at the things you can actually do with adobe photoshop and

10 Tips For Taking Great Pet Photos

Want to take a great photo of your dog or cat or other pet?Something that will capture their personality and be technically and artistically great?Check out these tips for producing great pet photos!

Tips for Taking Great Lightning Photos

Lightning photos are very dramatic. The contrast between the night darkness and the lightning brightness results in very powerful photos. In this article we will provide you with a few tips and guidelines for successfully taking lightning photos.

2 Easy Photo Tips To Get Better Portrait Photography!

Today's Photo tip is actually going to be two tips, each designed to get better portrait photography. Tip #1: Anti - Level Shoulders. In our past study of portrait photography, I've mentioned that, "If there ...

How to Become a Candidate for 'Extreme Makeover'

ABC, the television network that produces Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, invites applications for families to appear on the show. Members of the public can nominate their own family, or another deserving family. Applications can be downloaded from the ABC website in either Mac or Windows format.

Share Your Diving Trips - Get Started in Underwater Photography

If you an avid scuba diver, and would like to share the serene vibrant underwater world with your pals, this article will show you what you need. The underwater world is a mesmerizing environment full of the wonders of Mother Nature that engages your senses like a kid in the candy store. One of the

Stock Photos - Creating a Conceptual Image For Use in Advertising

Teamwork, Cartoons and Conflict. The idea came to me when I was thinking about creating a teamwork image. Teamwork is a concept that is always in demand. I have this exercise I do from time-to-time when thinking up stock ideas. I think of the opposite of what I am trying to achieve. So, when no team

I Just Found the Best Digital SLR Camera

Many people ask the same question over and over; what is the best digital SLR camera? The answer to this is, the camera that will work best for the types of photos you want to take. Someone who will be taking action shots will need a much different camera than someone who is taking family shots.