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The Nativity Creche Reminds Us of the Origins of Christmas

When planning for the holiday season, the Nativity creche is an excellent and meaningful alternative or addition to the more commercial ornaments and decorations. Many families, churches and institutions today are recognizing this by choosing to display a Nativity creche, or depiction of the birth o

Gifts to Send to the Hospital

Send a gift that will cheer up a friend in the hospital.Hospital image by Raulmah?3n from Fotolia.comBeyond the traditional bouquet of blooms that you can send to a friend in a hospital are a a variety of personalized and encouraging gifts that will brighten the days of those who are...

St. Patrick's Day Activities for Toddlers

With all the exciting adult revelry that occurs on St. Patrick's Day in cities and towns across the country, let's not forget that the youngest among us can enjoy the day just as much. Dress your toddler up in an all green outfit and engage her in St. Patrick's Day-related activities that provide a

Countdown to Halloween Craft

Children love Halloween, and they can't wait until it arrives. Help your children understand when it will be Halloween by creating a Halloween countdown. The countdown will help them anticipate the coming holiday as they mark off each day that passes. The countdown can also be a part of your annual

How to Celebrate the Yultide Season

The holiday is the season to be jolly and be happy which is why we throw parties every now and then and spend time together with friends and family. Here are some ways for you to celebrate the Yultide season and throw one of the best parties during the Christmas. Allow your guests to feel free to ea

Basketball Related Gifts

Give a basketball fan a brand new image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comFor a friend who loves basketball, purchase a gift that will enrich their love of the game. Basketball-related gift possibilities include items to display or to entertain them, as well as actual...

Over the Hill Birthday Cake Ideas

"Over the Hill" is a funny sentiment that generally applies to a person 50 years of age or older. If you're planning an "over the hill" party for a friend or family member, go all-out with your decorations and cake. No matter what the sentiment, the cake will taste delicious.

Alice In Wonderland Costumes For Your Kids

If you aren't creative, finding or making costumes for your kids can be very stressful. This is true, especially if you need to create a costume from scratch. If you are short on time and creativity, a store bought costume is usually the best answer to your problem.

Deciduous vs. Evergreen Azaleas

While losing their leaves in the fall or retaining them through the winter is the major difference between deciduous and evergreen azalea shrubs, other divergences occur. You have numerous species of both to consider when looking for an attractive flowering shrub for sun or shade. Plenty of species

What Are Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies?

Under Jewish Law, children are not held accountable for keeping the biblical commandments until they come of age. However, when a boy turns 13 and a girl turns 12, the commandments become obligations. This milestone is often celebrated with a ceremony, called a Bar Mitzvah for boys and a Bat Mitzvah

Holiday Party Menu Ideas

The holidays are a perfect time to entertain with an extensive image by Andrzej Thiel from Fotolia.comThe holidays tend to be a time of continuous parties and festivities. For those who do their fair share of entertaining from late November through the New Year holiday,...

Fun Spanish Halloween Activities

Students can label a skeleton with Spanish body parts.Charles Nesbit/Lifesize/Getty ImagesDuring the Halloween party season, Spanish teachers and bilingual party planners need activities that focus on the spooky, yet still teach students about Spanish. These activities incorporate typical...

Funny Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Want a funny group Halloween costume idea? Dress as circus performers.couple acrobate 2 image by Nathalie P from Fotolia.comGoing out as a group on Halloween can be fun, but having the whole group wear costumes that share a theme is a blast. You can attract more attention in a group...

Ideas for Inexpensive Gifts

Holidays and celebrations always seem to pile up. Whether it's four birthdays in one month or a large family to celebrate Christmas with, finding the "green" to go with the gift can be a challenge. You can, however, put a smile on the face of your friend or family member for less if you use a little

Salon Birthday Party Ideas

Host a salon birthday party at home for a party group of any age and let the group show off their salon makeovers on a homemade catwalk for photo memories of the event. Keep the party on a tight budget by letting the group take care of each other's makeovers and serve simple finger foods made at hom

Thanksgiving Day Family Traditions

Thanksgiving means many things to different people. For some it is a chance to get together with friends to watch football and for many others, it is an opportunity to spend time with family. The following are some of the ways to celebrate Thanksgiving traditions with your family:

Top 5 Freaky Halloween Party Games

Ok, summer is over - which means it is time to get a head start on Halloween again. If you do not start thinking about things now, you may be unable to find exactly what you are looking for. Even if it is just party ideas, it is never too early to start putting together the perfect Halloween party.

How to Make a Waterproof Mermaid Tail

A mermaid tail enhances young girls' play while swimming. Mermaid tails featuring breathable, waterproof fabric are an easy sewing project, whether the accessory is for a child's playtime or an adult's costume. Taking accurate measurements and tracing the pattern correctly helps lead to a garment th