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Is America Begging to be Punished

Often the United States, which is the biggest giver of food, monies and efforts throughout the world in aid is chastised for either not giving enough or for supposedly exploiting the people of these countries.

Natural Disasters Contingency Planning

With natural disasters intensifying to greater scale and their destructive force getting worse, there's a dire need to ensure that we have a Contingency Plan devised for such circumstances to be prepa

Are White men the ultimate answer for Black women?

They say it's much harder for Black women in the U.S. to get married to their male counterparts – the black men. Statistics cite 70% of Black women being unmarried right? On top of those stat

Concealed Carry Clothing

When keeping your firearm concealed is your top priority, you'll need good clothing to do the job. If you are carrying concealed and your clothes let you down by printing or causing you to brandish your weapon, you could be in a world of hurt and face major consequences. Printing is caused by c

New York Times' Sunday Delivery Marketing Quite Telling Indeed

Perhaps you have heard the New York Times advertising suggesting that everyone needs to buy the Sunday Paper and also get home delivery from Friday to Sunday. Their advertisement suggests that by taking the paper you can remain informed and be able to initiate and participate in meaningful and impor

Obama's Path to an Electoral College Victory

We hear a lot about national poll numbers in the media but as everyone should remember from the 2000 election, our President isn't elected by the popular vote, our President is elected by the electoral college. In 2000 Al Gore won the popular vote by about half a million over George W. Bush but

Corn Snake And Rat Snake

Corn snakes occur sincerely in parts of New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana andTennessee. Juveniles are born on around 15 - 20cm in span and bear a bucketgrey background colour with dark brown blotches

What is ILO?

ILO is any acronym for "International Labor Organization", a specialized agency of the United Nations. ILO was established in 1919 (the end of World War I) by the Treaty of Versailles, which brought the League of Nations into being. The need for such an organization had been advocated in the

Dealing With Sexual Harassment Over the Phone

Sexual harassment over the phone has long been the focus point of jokes relating to the so called "heavy breather". The reality of it though is no joke at all for the victim or victims. Often times,this awful behavior is far more serious than just "heavy breathing" down the line.

Some Reasons Why Our Society is Failing

It seems that everyone thinks there is some secret quick way to make money and all they have to do is find it to turn their life around. This is why online scammers can keep making money as they have a never-ending stream of people to fool.

Discrimination-a Cancer on Society

Ever been a victim of discrimination? Then you will know how it can adversely affect many areas of your life.Even a seemingly insignificant example of discrimination should never be allowed to go unchecked because it spreads like a cancer and grows more heinous with each victim it consumes.

Obamanomics Versus Reaganomics - Which Can Save the Economy?

In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan asserted emphatically that "government is not a solution to our problem," but rather, "government is the problem." Nowadays, many specialists revisit the soundness of such avowal in light of the mammoth government-engineered bailouts that questionably

Religious Teapot Tempest

The adage that friends should never discuss religion or politics if they wish to remain friends has a great deal of validity unless, that is, the friends fundamentally agree on the two topics. Likewise, religion or politics should never be intruded on public matters unless one is prepared for volati

Opinion Article on the Adebayor Stamp Incident

Is it just me, or was Emmanuel Adebayor's horror stamp on his ex-team mate, Robin Van Persie, one of the most disgraceful events the Premier League has witnessed in years? It's not just the fact that he deliberately targeted a player with the intention of hurting him; it's the fact th

Tragedy in Norway Was Totally Predictable

The other day, just a couple of days after the tragic bombing and shooting in Norway where the gentleman set off 6-tons of fertilizer in the government building sector of Oslo, and then went to a retreat island camp for the elite youth of the Labor Party and shot some 85 plus people - an acquaintanc