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Finding the Deadliest Martial Arts Style in the World!

How often have you heard of somebody boasting that they know the most deadliest martial art in the world? And it is always pronounced with piercing eyes and a significantly rumbling and ominous voice. In this bit of writing I am going to tell you the truth about that claim, and this will help you to

Ladies Golf Clubs

If you are a lady and play golf or are wanting to start then golf clubs are required. There are golf clubs especially made for ladies. But is it necessary to buy ladies clubs?

Basketball Ball Handling

It does not matter if you're a weekend warrior, or you're looking to play at the highest levels. Ball handling is a fundamental that you must be able to do very well...

The Holiday Bowl

A look back on the history of the Holiday Bowl.

AGV Sport Motorcycle Jacket Review

If you are looking for an amazing motorcycle jacket, you should look into an AGV sport motorcycle jacket. They have a wide selection of jackets that you can choose from. Their jackets are quality jackets that are made to stand up to most weather conditions.

How To Stay Motivated In Your Workout

Too many people burn out and quit their exercises. Whether they're getting tired of running, are sick of lifting weights, aren't getting the results they wanted or are simply bored with the whole process, most ...

Avoid Triathlon Training Injuries With an Ice Bath

Ice may be an age-old remedy for aching muscles and sore Achilles tendons, but it has an everyday use for marathon runners and triathletes. The post-run ice bath may help you to decrease muscle soreness, train harder and stay injury-free.

How to Shoot Lower Scores

The goal of every golfer at every level is to improve. This is usually defined as a lower score. At first you want to break 100, then 90, then 80 and so on. If you get to the PGA tour you want to win an event, then a major, then more majors.Even Tiger Woods talks about changing his swing and working

Executiveprivilege wins the 2012 Del Mar Debutante

Heavy favorite Executiveprivilege won by a nose in the Del Mar Debutante (G1) for the 2-year-old fillies with Beholder second and Mechaya third. Also on the card, John Scott won the Harry F. Brubaker Stakes. Get the results, charts, and photos here.

NBA Playoffs: A Sports Betting Perspective

The regular season is winding down, and it's about that time of year again...NBA playoffs! The postseason is almost here and the teams are going to be starting new, with essentially everyone having a 0-0 ...


The tail of a cricket batting order is the last three or four players listed, usually the weakest batters in the team.

Stanley Cup Comebacks

Here are the all-time greatest comebacks in a series or single game during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Mountain Bike Riding

Mountain bike riding is actually quite different then your traditional bike riding. There are a lot more skills needed and it can certainly take quite a toll on your body so being in fair to great shape is a good idea to start.

Summer Walleye Fishing Tips

Summer Walleye fishing tactics are essential if you want to catch these fish in the warmer weather. It's well known that it can be tougher to catch these glorious fish during this time of year, so care needs to be taken to try different tactics from what worked during the Springtime if your nor

Choose The Right Golf Clubs Every Time

Golf is now accepted globally as a popular sport activity. Since it has gone mainstream, it is common to see commercials on TV featuring this beloved sport. I am certain that you have seen some ...