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When Are Contrarian Profits Due to Stock Market Overreaction?

The contrarian approach in investing, popularized by Humphrey Neill, is based on the premise that the majority is always wrong, and once a one-sided opinion has formed, it is safe to bet against it. That does not mean a contrarian investor should always do the opposite of what everyone else is doing

Google Stock Price

Google stocks are currently the most talked about in the stock market and are commonly referred to as GOOG. Many websites out have currently updated prices and quotes (stock market predictions on where Google stock price is the heading) but Google itself has its own regularly updated webpage.

Corporate Stock Certificate Kits

A stock certificate is the material evidence of possession of shares in a corporation or company. It reflects legal ownership of a specific number of shares. Corporate stock certificate kits provide tools for managing the issuance and transport of a companys stocks. A transfer ledger is integrated i

The Anatomy of a Trader, Part 5 of 5: Fancy Footwork

Throughout life, we often hear loved ones or motivational speakers tell us to "stay grounded," and to "keep both feet on the ground." And although it's a bit cliche, it's true with a lot of things in life. With investing, it rings especially true, for if you lean too lo

Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) Versus Mutual Funds (MFs)

From the outside Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Mutual Funds (MFs) look like the same financial products. A closer look at each of them reveals the many advantages and disadvantages of ETFs versus MFs. As for MFs I am only discussing open ended funds, not closed end funds. Regarding ETFs I will no

What Is a P/E Ratio of a Stock?

When investors buy shares of stock they do so for one reason: they want to make money, either from growth in the stock's value or from dividends paid to shareholders. The price to earnings, or P/E, ratio of a stock (sometimes called the earnings multiple) measures how much a share costs relative to

Choose Your Investments As Per Your Financial Goals

Money is tricky business, there's no doubt about it. One day you have it, and the next day you don't, and no one, least of all yourself, knows when you'll have it again. Unless you have wastefully copious amounts of money in the bank, which most people do not, you will identify with t

Tips For Choosing a Spread Betting Broker

Spread betting has now become a highly regarded form of trading and is becoming increasingly popular mainly due to the tax free aspect of the product and its leveraged nature. A task which is of the utmost importance to the stock market trader is selecting the right spread betting firm to trade with

Penny Stocks Investment

Many people are interested in them, but often only the slightest idea of how to invest in penny stocks. This term generally interchangeable with Microcap stocks or nano stocks refer to stocks that trade for ...

Differences in ETF Mutual Funds

ETFs can be good investmentscash on hand image by Photoeyes from Fotolia.comExchange-traded funds, or ETFs, represent an interesting mixture of stocks and mutual funds. Like a mutual fund, an ETF represents ownership in a widely diversified basket of stocks. But like an individual stock,...

How to Make a Living Off Trading Stocks Online

Most people work for someone else and receive periodic pay checks for their efforts. Others work for themselves, assuming the responsibility of failure but enjoying the freedom of being on their own. To be successful on one's own takes a lot of work, but the rewards are many. For example, many make

Do You Pay Tax on Fully Matured Savings Bonds?

A savings bond can be a way to finance an education, supplement retirement or give someone a gift. United States Treasury bonds come in series EE/E and Series I, both of which earn interest and can normally be purchased in paper or electronic form at a financial institution, or directly from the U.S

How to Redeem Stock Certificates

The redemption of stock certificates is a process that is built around selling shares and receiving cash for the transaction rather than having the payment credited to your brokerage account and using the proceeds for the purchase of other stocks. It may become desirable to redeem stock certificates

Best Mutual Funds to Buy in 2010 - Essential Information

There are top mutual fund companies in the United States. As an investor, it is your duty to spend some time to analyze the best funds before investing. You can find some essential information that would help you to find the best mutual funds to buy in 2010.

Are Personal Equity Lines of Credit Callable?

In many instances, creditors have the right to call in loans, which means the borrower must immediately repay the debt. Lenders cannot call in personal credit lines unless you fall behind on your payments and go into default. However, a lender can restrict future access to your personal line of cred

Net Asset Value & Tangible Net Asset Value

The Net Asset Value (or "NAV") of a company is the residual interest in its assets where all its liabilities have been deducted. In other words, the NAV is the company's equity and is viewed as a buffer against which the company's market cap should rarely drop below. "NAV&qu