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How to Change a Wiper Blade Refill

The wiper blades on your vehicle should be checked every six months. Wiper blades are made of rubber or silicone. However, both varieties degrade over time when exposed to harsh environments. Snow and ice are especially damaging to the rubber compounds found in most wiper assemblies. When your wiper

How to Remove the Door Glass of a 67 Chevelle

Chevrolet manufactured the mid-sized, two-door Chevelle from 1963 to 1977. You can remove the door glass from your 1967 Chevelle right from home, saving yourself quite a bit of money. You may have to remove the glass because it has a crack or chip in it, or maybe the regulator inside isn't working.

How to Remove Old 3M Tape

3M uses strong adhesives on its products. Some varieties of 3M tape refuse to pull from a surface when installed properly. This problem increases when tape remains on a surface for a period greater than six months. Double-sided tape and other thick 3M tapes often require more than a simple adhesive

Body Kits and the Search For Excellence

Body kits are products that build on an already well manufactured great product, your car.The search for excellence has driven mankind to greater achievements from time immemorial. Any invention that has brought comfort and efficiency to our lives has consistently been improved upon by generations t

How to Install Halo Headlights

If you are dissatisfied with the quality and style of your factory-installed headlight assemblies, you can replace them with halo headlights. Most factory-installed headlights use internal reflectors to disperse the beam of the headlight to cover the road. Halo headlights project the headlight beam

What Is an EGR Switch?

When temperatures within a vehicle's engine rise above 2500 degrees F., overheating causes the formation and emission of nitrogen oxide, a compound that is harmful to the environment. An EGR switch, also called an EGR valve, controls the amount of nitrogen oxide emitted from a vehicle's exhaust syst

How to Wire a Mallory Tachometer

Most Mallory tachometers are universal, enabling them to operate on four-, six- and eight-cylinder vehicles with a simple adjustment. Mallory tachometers are capable of operating a shift light, which is an excellent addition. The shift light plugs into the tachometer and works with the settable rpm

How to Select an Oil Filter

The right oil filter can make the difference between a fuel efficient, optimally operating vehicle and a sluggish vehicle that requires additional repairs. The oil filter is a surprisingly important component of vehicle maintenance. Choosing the best filter for your vehicle is one of the most import

How to Check for Auto Spark

"Spark" refers to your vehicle's electrical power distributor, cap and rotor that deliver the electrical spark needed to ignite the fuel mixture inside your vehicle's engine. If there is insufficient (or no) spark, your engine will not run. Checking for spark can be done in your garage or a well lit