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The Ultimate Key To Happiness And Success

High Self-esteemThere is one necessary and essential ingredient for happiness and success. It is high self-esteem. In previous newsletters, I have explained how your self-concept controls your performance. Simply put, if you think you are a loser, you will perform as a loser. If you think you are wi

Perfectly Imperfect

When you realize you are perfectly imperfect as everyone else, it will be easier for you to accept and feel comfortable in your own skin.That is not to say that self-improvement is unnecessary, quite the opposite.The soul's sole purpose for being on this earth plane is for emotional and spiritu

Coping With Success For Continual Success

In my first article on the subject of "Coping With Success" I explained why both coach and athlete must recognize and respond to the anticlimactic depression that can overwhelm the successful competitor. In order to be able to cope with this phenomenon, athletes must first understand just

How You Can Create Your Own Destiny

We can take another's life as an example, but we must think hard before we follow them. Look at the virtues of others and ask yourself: "I have something valuable and worthwhile myself? How can I bring it out?" When you notice something bad in those around you, make a firm resolve: &q

Forget The Past And Look Ahead

If you're longing for the good 'ole days, you won't want to grow in God's will, and backslide. If you dwell on the hurts of the past, they snare you into bondage.

Goal Setting - Why Have a to Do List

I was asked by a co-worker a few weeks ago why I wrote a to-do-list every day. The conversation came up over a coffee break, where my co-worker was looking at my to-do-list and next to it, my monthly and yearly goals. To me the writing of a to-do-list has become second nature, it is something I do e

Clash Of Clans Is Amusing!

The clash of clans is a fun and addictive. This is the title given by a Finland based company named Supercell. The game is now the new darling of all the gamers around the world. It is free to play, pay to win strategy game.Feel free to visit my web-site: clash of clans tips

Is the US an Innovation Nation - A Book Review

If you are someone who believes in innovation, and the forward progression of the United States of America, then there is a very good book I'd like to recommend that you read. It is a compelling argument, and a persuasive wake-up call to all Americans. The name of the book is; "Innovation

4 Ways To Manage Stress at Work More Effectively

With ever increasing workloads, deadlines and demanding bosses it is no wonder that stress is becoming a serious issue at work. Stress is costing a huge amount of money each year in loss of production due to staff being absent from stress related illnesses. If you are under stress there are many thi

The Essence of Happiness

All human beings are longing for happiness. Each individual could describe moments of happiness in their own words through different situations, according to their personal perceptions.

Daily "Hour of Power"

The "Hour of Power" consists of 20 minutes of meditating or just relaxing, 20 minutes of exercising, and 20 minutes of reading. If you don't have an hour in your day, then you can shorten it to 30 minutes.

Focus Yields Results

Recently several people asked me why I enjoy my outdoor adventures so much. More specifically as my mother might ask me -- how can someone who is afraid of heights, has an anxiety/panic disorder, and doesn't like to get injured do such outlandish things? The Answer: It's all about Focus.

How Butterflies Can Change Your Life

Your thoughts are much like butterflies. They flutter about in your conscious mind. They also are able to change from one stage to another and eventually grow into beautiful or not so beautiful creations that flutter about in our lives and affect us in more ways than we can dare to imagine.

Why Aren't We Closer to God?

The best way to tell God that you love him is by doing the things that please Him, obeying His commands, reading His word, talking to others about Him, better yet, being a living testimony of His presence in your life. For many people this is an impossible proposition, in some cases because they do