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How to Find the Dial-Up Upload Speed

Downloading and uploading files over the Internet is possible using any type of Internet connection, including broadband and dial-up. However, knowing the speed that the files will transfer over a particular connection is useful. Several free tools are available on the web that will assist you in de

What Does It Mean to Screen in LiveJournal?

LiveJournal is a powerful social media network and blogging platform in one service. LiveJournal users create personal accounts with which they can blog and post content. LiveJournal also allows users to create and moderate LJ communities, which are collaborative group blogs to which two or more LJ

How to Change the phpBB Logo

Changing the default phpBB logo to a custom image is a great way to give your online forum a unique design. PhpBB is a free downloadable software package created with PHP that you can use to set up a forum on your Web page. There is no simple way to upload a new logo through the Administration Contr

Seeing the Difference of 4G Wireless Internet Service

Unless you see a big difference between the wireless internet service you have now and the one you are considering, there is no point to take the plunge and move on up. Too many advances have been made in the past few years for you to accept primitive service. Is it easy to tell the difference betwe

Small Businesses Say "Bring It ON!"

Verizon Communications recently debuted Verizon FiOS Internet for Business, a lightning fast Internet broadband service for small businesses that features speeds of up to 150/35Mb per second – three t

How to Post Scripts in vBulletin

While scripts are often uploaded and installed on the vBulletin Internet forum software, members can also display the coding for said scripts in their posts. The BB Code tag "Code" can be used to safely display scripts without compromising the forum's security or creating formatting issues that can

How to Add a Javascript Calendar to a Web Page

There are many free JavaScript calendars you can download and add to your web page. The simplest ones generate a calendar for the current month. Fancier calendars provide month and year selection menus, functionality for inserting the selected date into a form field and even list events from an exte

Lipo Issues

Liposuccion is really a method to take out weight coming from patient-specified parts of the body. Unwanted fat coming from patient-specified areas of the body can be taken off making use of Liposuction. Lipo is ...

How to Check History in IE

If you close your Internet Explorer 8 Web browser only to realize that you need to re-open a page you were looking at, you can do so using the History feature. Internet Explorer 8 keeps a history of Web pages you've visited over a course of a few days or weeks (depending on your settings). You can l

How to Chat With Other People

Online chatting can be a lot of fun. You can meet people from all over the world and learn about their home and way of life. And it's free. All you need is a computer with an Internet access. Both Google (Gmail) and Yahoo provide chat services.

How to Get Rid of a Clogged Up Sink and Bathtub

On a daily basis your sink and bathtub are exposed to water, soap residue, dirt and hair. When materials go down the drain that are not designed to properly pass through your plumbing system, the drain clogs and water builds up in the sink or tub. While prevention is the best way to ensure your drai

How SSL certificate functions

A secured and encrypted connection is enabled almost quickly a user has entered his name, and credit card information, the complete process also incorporate the SLL handshake procedure which establish

Bookmarking services

We are proud to offer you one of the best bookmarking services on the World Wide Web. This is because we really know where to put these book marks and what to write in the tags. It could be tricky to